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Confused about EF2000 Installation

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Hi all, and sorry for my bad english,

i try to install EF2000 Reloaded, but i don't know how to create dos file, exe file and 3dfx file with dosbox.

So, what i should do after opening dosbox?

For example i open dosbox and it show 2 dos windows that one says that has loaded an audio driver in a Z: drive, the second one show something about the loading of EF2000 and hardware (keyboard, joypad, etc)

What can i do after the opening of this 2 windows?

I have windows 7 32 bit.

Thank you all

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It is important to already have a copy of EF2000 installed on your hard drive. From there, you should go into the EF2000 Reloaded config menu and point to your EF2000 installation. From there, all of DOSBox should automatically be taken care of.

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