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Snowy Hump Day

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Morning all. 19F under cloudy skies with 7F wind chill. The main weather story today continues to focus on the snowfall potential for today and tonight. Many areas will see the snow start in the mid to late morning hours with snow continuing into the afternoon and evening. It may come down moderately at times. Totals of 3-6" for many areas look on target with any isolated higher amounts in our farthest southwest counties. The snow will likely come to an end around mid-evening, with clearing sky late tonight. High temp reaching 21F today.

Friggin' tired of winter. :angry:

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Morning y'all, 21F under clear skies, expecting increasing cloudiness and 46F for a high, 28F tonight and snow. How much snow? Once again, it depends upon who is doing the guessing.

CBS TV 6 = 4 inches
ABC TV 8 = 6 inches
NBC TV 12 = 3 inches
The Weather Channel = 3 inches
Wxrisk = 6 inches (Independent forecaster, often very accurate.)

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I have a request, please keep this white crap up there where it belongs! If it comes any further south, I will see it. I don't want to see it! Maybe on Christmas Day, but that's it. Never mind, not on Christmas Day either. Our weather man must be a Yankee. ?

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TCat! How the hell are you, man? You've been quiet too long. Bring us up to date on your dazzling life down there!

Waddya mean you don't like snow? It's just fluffy white stuff that God gives to Yankees to irritate them, so what's not to like?

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