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This Day in WWII 12 March 1938 - 1945


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USRubberCompanyAd-March1944.jpg U.S. Rubber Company Ad - March 1944

1938: German troops enter Austria without firing a shot, forming the anschluss (union) of Austria and Germany.

1940: A peace treaty is concluded between Finland and Russia, that formally ends the "Winter War". The terms of this treaty are harsh for Finland, who are forced to cede the entire Karelia Isthmus, and the city of Viipuri, which is renamed Vyborg. The also lose parts of eastern Karelia, Lake Ladoga, the Rybachiy Peninsula and the Petsamo area. The also have to grant the Russian a 30 year lease of the Hangö Peninsula. However, the ever 'generous' Russians drop their recognition of the Kuusinen puppet government in Moscow.

Marilyn%20Maxwell1.jpg Marilyn Maxwell

1940: The British finalize their plans for the invasion of Norway. Landings are to be made at Narvik and Trondheim in order to secure the rail line to Sweden and the large iron-ore fields.

1941: Churchill thanks America for 'a new Magna Carta'.

Marilyn%20Maxwell2.jpg Marilyn Maxwell

1942: Convoy PQ-12 arrives unscathed at Murmansk, earning the distinction of being the last PQ convoy to sail without losses.

1942: The British evacuate their garrison from the Andaman Islands, just off the Burmese coast south of Rangoon.

Marilyn%20Maxwell3.jpg Marilyn Maxwell

1942: US troops occupy New Caledonia.

1943: German troops evacuate Vyazma.

EvereadyBatteryAd-March1945.jpg Eveready Battery Ad - March 1945

1944: The Swedes announce an investigation of the 'mysterious object which crashed out of the sky' (a 'flying torpedo' V1) from a German research station, 40 miles away.

1944: Great Britain bars all travel to neutral Ireland, which is suspected of collaborating with Nazi Germany.

Marilyn%20Maxwell4.jpg Marilyn Maxwell

1945: RAF Bomber Command sets another new record for single target, when 4,851 tons are dropped on Dortmund.

1945: Diarist Anne Frank dies in a German concentration camp.

Marilyn%20Maxwell5.jpg Marilyn Maxwell

*Marilyn Maxwell was born Marvel Marilyn Maxwell on August 3, 1921 in Clarinda, Iowa. Noted for her blonde hair and sexy persona she appeared in several films and radio programs, and entertained the troops during World War II and the Korean War on USO tours with Bob Hope. Part of her USO touring act with Bob Hope was wearing a tight sweater and singing "I Want to Love You."

Her mother was a piano accompanist for dancer Ruth St. Denis; Maxwell traveled with her as a child, and at age three made her first stage appearance in a dance number. She trained for the stage at the Pasadena Playhouse. She started her professional entertaining career as a radio singer while still a teenager before signing with MGM in 1942 as a contract player. Among the programs in which she appeared was "The Abbott and Costello Show". The head of MGM, Louis B. Mayer, insisted she change the "Marvel" part of her real name. She dropped her first name and kept the middle. Some of her film roles included "Lost in a Harem" (1944), "Champion" (1949), "The Lemon Drop Kid" (1951), and "Rock-A-Bye Baby" (1958).

Marilyn%20Maxwell6.jpg Marilyn Maxwell

Her film work tapered off after the mid '50s, and she entertained in top nightclubs and appeared in several stage productions in stock. In the 1961-1962 television season, Maxwell played Grace Sherwood, owner of the diner on ABC's 26-episode "Bus Stop", a drama about travelers passing through the fictitious town of Sunrise, Colorado. In 1967 she headlined a burlesque-type stage show in Brooklyn; her act included a striptease. From 1944-46 she was married to actor John Conte, and from 1954-60 she was married to screenwriter Jerry Davis.

On March 20, 1972, Maxwell's 15-year-old son arrived home from school in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, and found her dead at the age of 50 of an apparent heart attack, after she had been treated for hypertension and pulmonary disease. Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and Jack Benny were honorary pallbearers at her funeral.



Jerry Davis (21 November 1954 - 21 December 1960) (divorced) 1 child

McIntyre, Anders (Andy) (1 January 1949 - 1950) (divorced)

John Conte (1944 - 1946) (divorced)

She was once compared to Marilyn Monroe and replied, "Hey, I'm the blond with her clothes on."

USRubberCompanyAd-March1945.jpg U.S. Rubber Company Ad - March 1945

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