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DCS World - Should I get It?

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Hello all.

Have been out of combat sims for some time. Thinking about getting back in.

What do you think about DCS World with Flaming Cliffs 3?

Can you play that solo? I don't do well with multi. Can I use my old Saitec X52 ? Will 6 gb RAM on an AMD Phenom quad core be adequate?

If you think there's a better option I'd like to hear about that too.

Thanks for your help.


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If you've got a Steam account, then DCS World is free to download. There's at least one plane you can fly around in to get a feel of what DCS has to offer.

Your machine sounds plenty powerful enough to run it, and it should work with your controller.

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6Gb is the min spec for DCS World now, but you should be good with that.

Personally, I would download DCS World from the ED website instead of Steam (unless you care about in-game chat and game tracking stats). Reason is that the modules purchased from ED don't work on the Steam version, but the modules purchased on Steam work on either version. Since ED has major sales 4-5 times a year, it makes sense to be able to purchase the modules during those sales.

As far as single player goes, there aren't as many FC3 missions as there are missions for the full DCS modules, but there are some very good campaigns for the Su-27 and F-15C. In particular, ED's DLC Su-27 is getting very good reviews for its immersion and playability. There are also existing campaigns for the FC3 aircraft; the F-15C and Su-27 campaigns are good there as well. The MiG-29 campaign has some issues, and the A-10A campaign is take or leave. I haven't tried the Su-33 campaign or the Su-25 campaign.

Finally, don't be shy about multiplayer. We fly on Saturday evenings (and Wednesdays if nobody else shows up for TAW). We fly coop (no pwning n00bs here), and we're willing to teach you and work with you as long as you are willing to put in the time. Nephilim in particular is a wizard with the Su-25T.

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