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This Day in WWII 25 May 1940 - 1945


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GE-May1942.jpg General Electric Ad - May 1942

1940: British Expeditionary Force surrounded on French coast.

1940: The British garrison of Calais rejects a German call for surrender.

CarolHughes1.jpg *Carol Hughes

1940: 15 French generals relieved of their commands.

1940: Trade Union executives accept Nye Bevan's manpower mobilization plan, setting up Labour Supply Board and Production Council.

CarolHughes2.jpg Carol Hughes

1941: Bismarck escapes the Royal Navy's pursuit and separates from the Prinz Eugen and makes her way towards Brest.

1941: German Navy Chief, Admiral Raeder warns that US convoying of British war supplies would be considered an act of war.

1941: The Germans decide to go on the offensive having now received substantial reinforcement through Maleme airfield on Crete.

CarolHughes3.jpg Carol Hughes

1942: RAF Coastal Command refuses permission for their aircraft to take part in operation 'Millennium', which means that a shortfall of 250 aircraft is expected. However, by scraping up all the resources within Bomber Command, he manages to find the required 1000 bombers.

1942: Perth police arrest four Australians for planning to set up an 'Australia First' Nazi-style government.

CarolHughes-MarieWilson-JuneTravis.jpg Carol Hughes, Marie Wilson & June Travis

1944: The U.S. Fifth Army make first contact with troops from the Anzio beachhead. German airborne troops attack Tito's Partisan HQ at Drvar in Bosnia on Tito's 52nd birthday.

1944: German airborne troops attack Tito's Partisan HQ at Drvar in Bosnia on Tito's 52nd birthday. Tito and Churchill's son Randolph, both manage to escape in to the mountains.

1945: The U.S. Joint Chiefs complete the plan for Operation 'Olympic', which sets the date to invade the Japanese mainland as no later that the 1st November 1945.

CarolHughes4.jpg Carol Hughes

*Carolyn Hughes was born on January 17, 1910 in Chicago, Illinois. Actress Carol Hughes was 13 years old when she married comic actor Frank Faylen (most famous for playing Dobie Gillis' dad on TV). They remained married until his death in 1985. Hughes' own film career began in 1936: while sometimes enjoying full supporting roles, e.g. Frank McHugh's nagging wife in "Three Men on a Horse" (1936), she generally made do with bits, such as the Modiste Salon salesgirl in 1939's "The Women". In 1940, Hughes replaced Jean Rogers in the role of Dale Arden in the third and last of Universal's "Flash Gordon" serials, "Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars". She retired from films in the early 1950s, after playing Gil Lamb's leading lady in a series of RKO Radio 2-reelers. Carol Hughes is the mother of actress Carol Faylen, who appeared in the 1964 TV sitcom The Bing Crosby Show as Crosby's daughter Joyce. Former mother-in-law of Regis Philbin. Carol Hughes died on August 8, 1995 in Burbank, California.

WesternElectric-May1943.jpg Western Electric Ad - May 1943

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