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This Day in WWII 3 June 1940 - 1944


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EthylCorpAd-June1942.jpg Ethyl Corporation Ad - June 1942

1940: All aliens and stateless persons living in Britain are forbidden to leave home between 10:30pm and 6am.

1940: Churchill orders the setting up of commando forces to be used for raiding occupied Europe.

JulieAdams1.jpg *Julie Adams

1940: The last night of the Dunkirk evacuation sees 26,700 French soldiers lifted from the beaches. This brings the total rescued to 224,686 British, 121,445 French and Belgian troops. Most of the French opt to return to France to continue the fight. During the evacuation, 177 aircraft were lost (Germans lost 140 aircraft).

1940: Admiralty announce the loss of six destroyers, 24 small warships and participation of 222 British naval vessels and 665 other craft in Dunkirk operation. 226 vessels are sunk altogether.

JulieAdams2.jpg Julie Adams

1940: 300 German planes bomb Paris inflicting around 900 casualties.

1940: British and French forces start to evacuate from Narvik in northern Norway.

JulieAdams3.jpg Julie Adams

1941: Attlee memorandum approved 2,430,000 to 19,000 at Labour Party conference: 'A necessary prelude to a just peace is a total victory.'

1941: Ex-Kaiser Wilhelm II, dies in exile in Holland.

1941: New Iraqi government is formed.

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1942: Task Force 16 (Spruance) and 17 (Fletcher) meet 350 miles north-east of Midway. Admiral Fletcher takes overall command of the joint task force, although the two would act separately. US land based aircraft from Midway spot the Japanese Transport Force about 600 miles from Midway. They launch attacks against this force, but without success. US reconnaissance aircraft spot the 2 carriers of the Japanese 2nd Carrier Striking Force, which were about 400 miles from Kiska in the Aleutians.

1943: The first fruits of victory reach British shops, Algerian wine.

JulieAdams4.jpg Julie Adams

1944: Hitler allows Kesselring to withdraw from Rome, which has now been declared an 'Open City'.

1944: The Japanese rearguard at Kohima retreats, ending a 64 day battle.

JulieAdams5.jpg Julie Adams

*Julie Adams (age 88-2015) was born Betty May Adams on October 17, 1926 in Waterloo, Iowa. Although born in the Hawkeye State, Julie Adams grew up in Arkansas and made her acting debut in a third grade play, "Hansel and Gretel". Deciding to become an actress, she moved to California, where she worked three days a week as a secretary (to support herself) and spent the remainder of her time taking speech lessons and making the rounds at the various studios' casting departments. Her first movie role was playing a starlet, appropriately enough, in Paramount's "Red, Hot and Blue" (1949), followed by a leading role in the Lippert Western "The Dalton Gang" (1949). Over a period of five weeks, she appeared in six more quickie Lippert Westerns. Adams' first big show biz break was at Universal, when she appeared in a screen test opposite All-American footballer Leon Hart, a Detroit Lions end. It was Hart who was being considered by the studio, but the gridiron star flopped while Universal execs flipped over Adams. The studio changed her first name from Betty to Julia (and later to Julie). Adams was featured as the bathing beauty Kay Lawrence in 1954's "Creature from the Black Lagoon".

JulieAdams6.jpg Julie Adams

Later in her career, she played guest starring roles for television, including "12 O'Clock High", "The Gallant Men", "Maverick", "The F.B.I.", "The Big Valley", "The Man and the Challenge", "Mannix", "Cagney & Lacey", and as real estate agent "Eve Simpson" on "Murder, She Wrote". Most recent TV appearances are the shows "CSI: NY", "Cold Case", and "Lost".


Height: 5' 6" (1.68 m)

Measurements: 35-25-36

Universal publicity in the '50s claimed that her legs won an award as "the most perfectly symmetrical in the world" and that they were insured for $125,000.

Julie Adams was married to actor/director Ray Danton from 1954 until 1981; they had two sons: Steven Danton, an assistant director, and Mitchell Danton, an editor.

BuickAd-June1945.jpg Buick Ad - June 1945

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