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ADF Quick Combat Speedrun


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Fellow players! I know this is mostly about TAW, but from time to time I like to play good ole ADF as the Quick Combat mode is a great opportunity for some instant action.

I never reached the end (yet), and since I don't have the time to seriously play over and over, I'm training for a speed run (not fight the enemies, but just fly through the level as fast as you can).

This is a bad idea for flight simulations. If you don't fight an enemy, he'll get on your six and shoot you down. But I found some tricks:

  1. Shoot all your weapons when the combat starts (don't use the jettison menu!). Shoot all AA weapons and AG weapons until the count is zero. If you do, you can reach 2.1 machs. If you don't, speed is limited to 1.4 machs. (I think the game considers air resistance and weight only for the weapons which are mounted at the time the mission starts, and auto-refill weapons are not counted.)
  2. You don't need to kill anything to get extra time, just reach the next waypoint. Don't waste your time on enemies.
  3. Best cruising speed is achieved at 34,000–36,000 ft (2.1 machs constantly).
  4. Higher is better, though, because missiles fired from normal enemy height generally won't have sufficient kinetic energy to hit you up there. 40,000 ft is the best compromise of speed (2.06 m) and safety.
  5. The only other plane in the game sustaining that speed at that altitude is the MiG 31. So, if you see any Foxhound ahead, shoot everything you have at it. If you miss, its missiles are generally no problem because of high speed and chaff/flares, but you've got only 30 minutes left until it's close enough to hit you with the cannon, no matter how fast / high you are.
  6. Planes have unlimited fuel. The enemies will stall when trying to get up to your height when you pass above them, and quickly fall behind. But they will follow you forever. After a dozen checkpoints, there will be fifty planes following you. They won't catch up with you if you keep altitude and speed, but at some point a MiG-31 will close in and you need to turn and then it's open season on you.
  7. The safest maneuver is: If Foxhounds close in, turn. Fire a load of missiles at the herd of enemies in the distance. You've got one minute until they're all around you. Go down to less than 100 ft altitude as quickly as possible and keep mach 1. The A.I. will typically screw up the decent and most planes will crash into terrain. Most effective with mountains, far away from checkpoints (no SAM), and with no new enemies in sight. Fight the rest with sidewinders. Accelerate and climb when it's safe to do so.

I'll keep you informed on my discoveries.

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I made it. Landed just after 20:11.

  • With stronger enemies, I need to evade more often. Pulling left and right hard is typically enough.
  • I had to turn 180° three times. One time I was hit by a missile. The A.I. is really good at crashing into the ground :)
  • Once you land, the mission stops. You can't select to play on (like in most missions).
  • Looks like you can land at any airbase in egypt, maybe at others, too. Could be interesting to find out.
  • IL-78 gives most points, followed by hanger.
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I only ever finished this once, and that was without using SHIFT+T accelerated time which I didn't know existed until I read the TAW manual. It took about 5 hours I think. :)

I played it fairly straight and shot everything I could, except for two massive groups of planes which ignored you if you kept stealthy and gave them a wide berth.

Anyway, a tremendous feature of ADF. While only finishing it once, I must have started it hundreds of times....

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When I was playing ADF, I also preferred the Quick Combat. Too bad there was no option to save the game in progress!
And it's a pity that the Quick Combat is not present in F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

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