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Council of Narsilion Members Must Read: Pending Closure of Windfola Server

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  1. 1. What Server should the Council of Narsilion migrate to?

    • Arkenstone
    • Crickhollow
    • Landroval
    • Gladden
    • Brandywine
  2. 2. Where should the next Kinship House be located?

    • Michel Delving (current location)
    • Thorin's Hall
    • Bree
    • Duillond (elves)

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I'm in the process of transferring to Gladden and my account is frozen for approximately 6 hours.  I'll give you guys a heads-up when I find us a new landing spot.

Gunny, if you still have a test character on Gladden, could you confirm that the neighborhoods you looked at previously are still available?

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Copied from here in case people are just following this thread:


My account has been transferred to Gladden, and my first order of business was to get us our house back.  This I did!

I got the same house in the Grassvale neighborhood of The Shire.  Gunny, I looked at the houses, and it appears that all of the deluxe houses on the river are available.  I'm assuming you were referring to 4 Wenting (the house with the dock), but 6 Myrtle Ct (up the hill next to the river) and 1 Brookbark are also available in Grassvale.  Go ahead and stake your claim!

Everybody else, come on over!

For clarity, please post all post-migration comments to the topic linked in the first line of this post.

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