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This Day in WWII 13 September 1939 - 1945


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MobilgasAd-Sept1943.jpg Mobilgas Ad - September 1943

1939: HMAS Hobart and five RAN destroyers leave Australia, bound for Britain.

1939: 60,000 Polish troops who are trapped in the Radom pocket surrender.

Dinah%20Shore1.jpg *Dinah Shore

1940: Buckingham Palace again bombed; Royal Chapel wrecked.

1940: 5 Italian divisions and 200 tanks in Cyrenaica under Marshal Graziani, cross the Libyan/Egyptian border and advance toward Sidi Barrani in Egypt. The 7th Armoured and 4th Indian Divisions have orders to withdraw as far as Mersa Matruh and then stand and fight.

Dinah%20Shore2.jpg Dinah Shore

1941: German High Command announces that Russian POWs will get less rations than other nationalities.

1941: Japanese war games conclude.

Dinah%20Shore3.jpg Dinah Shore

1942: Sixth Army begins its final effort to take Stalingrad.

1942: British desert raids reach Benghazi and Barer. A combined forces attack on Tobruk is also made.

Dinah%20Shore4.jpg Dinah Shore

1943: Heavy German counter-attacks by six divisions round Salerno, forces the Fifth Army back to within five miles of beaches. The allies consider an evacuation. The battle for supremacy in the Aegean begins with an Allied raid on Rhodes.

1943: The Chinese Parliament at Kuomingtang, elects General Chiang Kai-shek as President of Chinese Republic.

TexacoAd-Sept1943.jpg Texaco Ad - September 1943

1944: The U.S. Ninth Army is engaged in heavy fighting as the German garrison keeps up its resistance at Brest.

1944: The Canadians take Coriano Ridge in the Gothic Line.

1944: The Russians reach the Polish-Czechoslovak border. The Romanians sign an Armistice with the Russians.

1945: Iran demands the withdrawal of Allied forces.

Dinah%20Shore5.jpg Dinah Shore

*Dinah Shore (born Frances Rose Shore; February 29, 1916) was an American singer, actress, and television personality. She was most popular during the Big Band era of the 1940s and 1950s.

Born to Solomon and Anna Stein Shore, Jewish immigrants from Russia, young Frances Rose lived in Winchester, Tennessee. When she was two years old, she was stricken with polio (infantile paralysis), a disease that was not preventable at the time, and for which treatment was limited to bedrest. Her parents provided intensive care for her and she recovered and overcame the disease. However, she continued to have a slightly deformed foot and limp, which did not physically impede her.

After failing singing auditions for the bands of Benny Goodman and both Jimmy Dorsey and his brother Tommy Dorsey, Shore struck out on her own to become the first singer of her era to achieve huge solo success. She enjoyed a long string of over 80 charted popular hits, lasting from 1940 into the late '50s, and after appearing in a handful of films went on to a four-decade career in American television, starring in her own music and variety shows in the '50s and '60s and hosting two talk shows in the '70s. TV Guide magazine ranked her at #16 on their list of the top fifty television stars of all time. Stylistically, Dinah Shore was often compared to two popular singers who followed her in the mid-to-late '40s and early '50s, Doris Day and Patti Page.

Shore soon became a successful singing star with her own radio show in 1943, Call to Music. Also in 1943, she appeared in her first movie, Thank Your Lucky Stars. The movie starred Eddie Cantor, and she soon went to another radio show, Paul Whiteman Presents. During this time, the United States was involved in World War II and Shore became a favorite with the troops. She had major record hits, including Blues In the Night, Jim, You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To and I'll Walk Alone, the first of her number-one hits. To support the troops overseas, who liked her singing, she participated in USO tours to Europe. She met George Montgomery, a young actor ready to go into military service. They married on December 3, 1943, shortly before he went into service. When he returned, they settled in San Fernando, California. In 1948, their first child was born, a daughter named Melissa Ann, and they also adopted a son in 1954 named John David before moving to Beverly Hills.

Soon after she arrived in New York in 1937, Dinah Shore made her first television appearances on experimental broadcasts for NBC. Twelve years later, In 1949 she made her official television show debut on the Ed Wynn Show and also made a guest appearance on Bob Hope's first television show in 1950. After being on many other people's television shows, she got her own, The Dinah Shore Show in 1951. She did two 15-minute shows a week for NBC. She won her first of many Emmy awards for the show in 1955. The show was sponsored by Chevrolet. The sponsor's theme song ("See the U.S.A. in Your Chevrolet") became the singer's signature piece.

See the USA in Your Chevrolet - Dinah Shore 1952

Dinah Shore died February 24, 1994, in Beverly Hills, California, of ovarian cancer five days before her 78th birthday. Her ashes were divided and she has two burial sites. Half were interred in the Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery in Culver City, California, and the other half interred at Forest Lawn Cemetery (Cathedral City) near her beloved second home in Palm Springs, California.

EthylCorporationAd-Sept1944.jpg Ethyl Corporation Ad - September 1944

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