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This Day in WWII 15 October 1940 - 1945 **1946


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ChevroletAd-October1944.jpg Chevrolet Ad - October 1944

1940: Bomb holes roof of Balham tube station: 64 killed.

1940: Italian submarine Toti sinks British submarine Rainbow.

1940: 16 million Americans already registered for National Service.

Constance%20Bennett1.jpg *Constance Bennett

1941: Odessa, a Russian port on the Black Sea which has been surrounded by German troops for several weeks, is evacuated by Russian troops.

1942: Japanese bombard Henderson Field at night again from warships.

1942: 4,500 Japanese troops land as reinforcement for Guadalcanal as battle continues.

Constance%20Bennett2.jpg Constance Bennett

1943: General de Lattre de Tassigny escapes from Vichy France.

1944: The largest number of sorties on single night is made by the RAF, with 1,576 in all.

FisherBodyAd-October1944.jpg Fisher Body Ad - October 1944

1944: British forces liberate Greece,which then erupts in a civil war between monarchists and communists.

1944: Russians secure Petsamo region of southern Finland. Germans troops fall back towards northern Norway in the face of strong Russian attacks.

Constance%20Bennett3.jpg Constance Bennett

1944: The Hungarian chief of state, Admiral Horthy, shortly after announcing Hungary's withdrawal from the war against the Russia, is taken prisoner by a commando unit led by SS major Otto Skorzeny. A new government under Ferenc Szalasi vows to continue the alliance with Germany.

1944: Deportation of Jews from Hungary resumes after a temporarily halt due to international political pressure to stop Jewish persecutions.

Constance%20Bennett4.jpg Constance Bennett

1944: The British and Chinese begin an offensive from Myitkyina to Bhamo in northern Burma.

1945: Vichy French Premier Pierre Laval is executed by a firing squad for his wartime collaboration with the Germans.

**1946: Nazi war criminal Hermann Goering poisoned himself hours before he was to have been executed.

Constance%20Bennett5.jpg Constance Bennett

*Independent, outspoken Constance Bennett, born on 22 October 1904, in New York City, was the first of the Bennett sisters to enter films (her younger sisters were actress/dancer Barbara Bennett and actress Joan Bennett), appeared in New York-produced silents before a chance meeting with Samuel Goldwyn led to her Hollywood debut in "Cytherea" (1924). In 1921 Bennett eloped with Chester Hirst Moorehead of Chicago, the son of a surgeon. The marriage was annulled in 1923. She abandoned a burgeoning career in silents for marriage to millionaire socialite Philip Morgan Plant in 1925; after they divorced, she achieved stardom in talkies from 1929. The hit "Common Clay" (1930) launched her in a series of loose lady and unwed mother roles, but she really excelled in such sophisticated comedies as "The Affairs of Cellini" (1934), "Ladies in Love" (1936), "Topper" (1937) and "Merrily We Live" (1938). Her classy blonde looks, husky voice and unerring fashion sense gave her a distinctive style. In the 1940s she made fewer films, working in radio and theatre; shrewd in business, she invested wisely and started businesses marketing women's wear and cosmetics. Loving conflict, she feuded with the press and enjoyed lawsuits.

In 1941, Bennett married the actor Gilbert Roland, by whom she had two daughters, Lorinda and Christina (a.k.a. Gyl). They were divorced in 1946.

In June 1946, Bennett married US Air Force Colonel (later Brigadier General) John Theron Coulter (1912-1995). This last marriage, to U.S. Air Force colonel Coulter, was happy and gave her a key role coordinating shows flown to Europe for occupying troops (1946-48) and the Berlin Airlift (1948-49), winning her military honors. Still young-looking, she died of a cerebral hemorrhage at age 60 on July 24, 1965, at Fort Dix, New Jersey, shortly after completing the last of her 57 films. In recognition of her military contributions, and as the wife of Theron John Coulter, she was buried in Arlington National Cemetery. Coulter died in 1995 and was buried with her.

Harley-DavidsonAd-October1945.jpg Harley-Davidson Ad - October 1945

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