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Council Transfer to Gladden is Complete!

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My account has been transferred to Gladden, and my first order of business was to get us our house back.  This I did!

I got the same house in the Grassvale neighborhood of The Shire.  Gunny, I looked at the houses, and it appears that all of the deluxe houses on the river are available.  I'm assuming you were referring to 4 Wenting (the house with the dock), but 6 Myrtle Ct (up the hill next to the river) and 1 Brookbark are also available in Grassvale.  Go ahead and stake your claim!

Everybody else, come on over!

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If anybody is interested, I scouted personal homes for Thorin's Hall, and there are plenty of good deluxe houses in the Gufrof Neighborhood, including 5 Frothing and 3 Cloven Crescent.  3 CC directly overlooks the housing vendors, and you can literally walk off your front porch, fall a few feet and be there.

I'm sure there are more (there were 6 deluxe houses available IIRC, and I grabbed 6 Roaring Rd), but these are the ones I personally scouted and liked.

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Ok, Gunny.  You're all set.

I got the house in Henbury, given decorative privileges to all officers, and I've moved a number of items into the chest.  Unfortunately, rather than using the Escrow guys (like you would expect), the transfer put every single item from the Kinship house and storage into my personal storage at my house in Thorin's Hall.  I've moved about 60 items over, and there are still over a hundred to go (and we have 90 storage slots in the kinship house).  I'm waiting until my timers cool down so I can move another 28 items, then you should have enough to start decorating.  Hopefully, you got anything that was bound to you, but once I empty my inventory please let me know if anything is missing.

Geez, this feels a lot like a military move, where 3 moves = a fire!

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Yeah, I'm still trying to sort it all out.  Been so long I don't know if I would remember if anything was missing or not.  I'll hit it this afternoon and start moving stuff out of the storage and onto the wall and such so you'll have more room.

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