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Gladden Welcome Party (and After-Party)!

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Once everybody is in Gladden, we need to throw a party!  We can throw the party at the Kinship house, but the after-party will be at my personal house in Thorin's Gate.

Details to follow..and open to suggestion..


The after-party will be restricted to "Seekers of Deep Places", i.e. those who have entered Moria.  We will all join a fellowship and drink from my Moria keg.  This will make us drunk and hung-over and put us randomly somewhere in Moria.  Then we need to find each other and fight our way out of Moria together.  Style points if you take the "Unwise" route and eat a piece of Barrow-Brie before washing it down with Moria Brandy (as I intend to do, as well as fight my way through Moria with Barrow-Brie in my system).

So do we have any takers?

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Well I found out what was wrong with nThusim and LOTRO, it was the trackIR Causing a conflict with nThusim who would have thought.. So I am good to play LOTRO now. I also found I have a level 13 and ;level 7 alts..I think the 13 was a lore master and the 7 was idk

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A few of us with alts around 42 are getting ready to go into Moria together.  Otherwise, Hammer is hanging in Central Gondor and Skalderbrand (my Beorning) just finished the Epics in Dol Amroth.  Gilyntshaardis (Krusty's 100 LM) just got the "Flighty" title by jumping off the prow in Minas Tirith. :lol:

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