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andy jackson

WWII Combat Flight Sim for stand alone Windows 10 PC?

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Hello, one and all. I am new to this great site.

I am looking for a Combat Flight Sim game  / software for WWII (propeller and early jet planes) that will play on my Windows 10  64 bit machine. I have a high end video card and mega ram.

I am aware of STEAM - but do not want to use it. I am looking for a standalone game.

I have Microsoft Combat Simulator 3  Battle for Europe but the overall graphics is antiquated. 

Any suggestions , please?


Thank you.

andy jackson

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European Air War



Its an oldie but goodie

Also works on Linux*

*I'm currently sorting out solving the bugs and how to use it on Linux using Wine

On my test machine some versions work:


full test details:




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