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Digital Integration's Super Hornet (F/A-18): how to do reconnaissance missions

tomcat lover

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I have played this game for ages, but still don't know how to operate reconnaissance devices.


The game asks me to take photos and/or to send them via direct link to the carrier. Nevertheless, there is no way I can think of to operate those devices.


I am playing the 1999 version, using the keyboard and mouse . So perhaps this is a bug and those reconnaissance features are not implemented (only a shell without function) and to be introduced later [in 2001] in the Gold edition. Also it is possible that for operating them, some specific joysticks are needed.


Please guide me. I am playing this for 12+ years, and there remains nothing I have not tried. :(

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Hi All,

I found a solution using my common sense... in this sim the keyboard shortcuts have been used thoroughly, and it has a pattern. It is starting with the first letter actual name of the Action, like Gear=G, Flaps=F, so for "Recon" I used R and found its associated with the Radar... I noticed the debrief and its a message saying something like - transition incomplete. I used T for "Transmission", and it worked...!!!!!!!!

I am not an expert at all, but somehow I have managed to discover it!!

Details - You first need to be moving towards the target (heading towards), like, the training mission, you have X,Y and Z as Target way-points.. just afteryou cross the last waypoint before X you will be facing the X, now turn the radar on and A2G mode, you should find an object (its coming in green in my machine, and not in red or yellow), designate that. now when the distance to the target is lest than 3-2 nm (see radar, close range is 5 and you should see it is half past the radar display area) Press T... keep an eye on the UFCD status panel when you press T, it should show something like recon sent... and thats it.. repeat the same for Y, and Z wps and you are done. This data most probably is missing in the Game Guide.


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