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Here is what I loved in combat sims - what to start with now that looks amazing....

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Thank you everyone in advance - i am sure you get these all the time. I have been lurking in forums and drooling at screen shots for 20 years.

I used to actually beta test for Jane's adn Andy Hollis (Apache), EF2000 (anyone remember "LawnDarting(tm)" bug?), TAW, and some activision games. At my height I had (still have) the original thrusmaster sticks with that ancient joystick plug.

I also loved Jane's Sims and the arcade ones too.

Why I loved EF2000/TAW:

Dynamic Campaign. The idea in these missions what you did and your AI counterparts mattered - why I obsessively tried to help DID figure out why your AI buddies would commit suicide.


So what I want: Amazing 2016 graphics adn EF2000/TAW.  Some learning curve, but minimal. Good flight model but no need to press 100 buttons to start the engine, but want the physics modeled fairly well (no ACE combat)

I think Flaming Cliffs 3 would be too daunting. I doubt could run that with a gamepad like a xbox?






70" TV

Wireless Gamepad (XBOX), Wierles Keyboard and mouse. X52 in a box! Never used!

I found my x45 in a sealed box! I have that also. Maybe could get a long USB to my couch...

Any suggestions?? For sure modern combat...

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TBH, I wouldn't even attempt a sim with a good flight model using a gamepad because a good FM means you need a light and precise touch on the stick and throttle.   I have flown DCS with the Ace Combat 5 HOTAS for Xbox, but this is effectively the same as the X45 (nerfed for Xbox buttons) which you already have.  The nice thing about DCS is that you have maximum flexibility in programming controllers, including assigning buttons as modifiers within the game.

For a modern aircraft with a dynamic campaign, good graphics and a good flight model, you have exactly one choice: Falcon BMS.  The only thing is that it involves a steep learning curve, but you'll be fine with the X45. 

The other "more recent" (Cold War, not modern) sim with a dynamic campaign is the Strike Fighters 2 series.  These sims can be integrated, are extremely moddable, and the flight models are good without the steep learning curve.  Graphics are dated compared to DCS, but some of the terrain mods still make this a gorgeous sim.  Biggest downside is that it does not support multiplayer, which is a major shame considering the multitude of flyable aircraft.

FC3 sounds like your speed, and you have the hardware to run DCS.  However, there is no dynamic campaign.  DCS relies heavily on scripting and good mission design to provide immersion for single player.  The dynamic mission designer has potential (and is being worked on), but right now it's a hot mess that is best used to create a force on force, scenario, then make adjustments to build a mission.  Here's the thing with FC3: you can try it with the Su-25T (which comes with DCS World) before you buy it.  If you do alright with the Su-25T using the X-45 and the keyboard, then you'll have no problem with FC3 (which duplicates most of the key commands).  The Su-25T is a challenge (easy to over-AoA, flies like a pig), but when flown properly is a very capable aircraft.  Just keep it at stand-off range and don't be in a hurry to make gun runs.

One more thing about DCS: right now, it (and Falcon BMS) is where multiplayer is at.  We fly DCS twice a week, and between the number of people flying different aircraft and coordinating, it's an absolute blast (we always fly coop).  We also have a couple guys who would be happy to show you the ropes with the Su-25T.

Finally, there's always TAW 2.0 and EF2000 Reloaded, both of which are available on this forum.

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