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Formula 1 the way it was meant to be

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I absolutely love this video of Frank Stippler racing his MASERATI 250F "PICCOLO" at Monaco's Historic Grand Prix  of 2014.

The sound of the engine through the gear changes is bloody marvellous, and the way Stippler has to fight the oversteer in every corner is something to behold.

Today's Formula 1, with their computerized everything in the cars, has lost the plot, I fear. If only we could go back to this "form factor" but with added safety for the drivers, eh? Take this basic design, but with a carbon fiber monocoque survival cell and impact-resistant fuel bladders and let them race!

Yes, you can now punch my old fart's "Let's go back to the good ol' days" card. HAHA!


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Good stuff!

I think Formula 1 should be the pinnacle of automotive engineering though, and that means software control of the engine management systems etc.

What I don't like are the abritrary limitations that stifle innovation, like a maximum RPM and only being allowed to use a few engines per season..

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Great movie, as was 'Rush' which contains far more live action than might be expected from the CGI world of 2013.

That looks like it was filmed at the real Spa circuit, and I think I can see from where the 'Bus Stop' chicane got its name. :)

I love watching F1 documentaries from the sixties and seventies, as it's great to see the pit area filled with people drinking and smoking seemingly at all times.

This thread inspired me to try a few laps driving a Lotus 49 in 'Project CARS' with a Vive VR headset. The experience is less immersive than a touring car, such as the BMW M3 since unless you sit on the floor, it feels like this: :D


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I'd say your time is better spent on other things...

In my experience, the Vive is great for scenarios where you are stationary in the virtual world. But when simulating movement as in flight or racing sims, I start to get some motion sickness symptoms due to the lack of real movement. Maybe that will wear off if I play enough, but even 15 minutes in 'Euro Truck Sim 2' leaves an unpleasant feeling that can last for hours. Strange, as I don't get sick with real motion...and I've been on some horrendous sea crossings.

I really can't be the only person experiencing this...


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