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This Day in WWII 2 August 1940 - 1944


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NorthAmericanAviationAd-August1942.jpgNorth American Aviation Ad - August 1942


1940: Montreal mayor Camillien Houde publicly urges Quebecers to not sign up for national registration for war duty.


1940: Lord Beaverbrook appointed to War Cabinet.


Adele%20Mara1.jpg *Adele Mara


1940: French military court sentences de Gaulle to death in absentia.


1940: Italy reported to be massing troops on Libya-Egypt border.


Adele%20Mara2.jpg Adele Mara


1941: US and USSR agree on US aid.


1941: All radios in Norway are confiscated.


1941: Soviets blow up a huge Japanese fuel and ammunition dump at Tatutzuchuan in Eastern Manchuria.


NorthAmericanAviationAd-August1944.jpg North American Aviation Ad - August 1944


1942: The British convoy, code-named 'Pedestal' leaves Britain for the strategically-important island of Malta in the Mediterranean. The convoy consists of 14 fast merchant ships loaded with fuel, food, and ammunition. The convoy is accompanied by 2 battleships (Nelson and Rodney), 3 aircraft carriers (Victorious, Indomitable, and Eagle), 14 destroyers, and 3 anti-aircraft cruisers.


Adele%20Mara3.jpg Adele Mara


1943: The ninth attack on Hamburg in eight days. More bombs have now been dropped on Hamburg than on London during the whole of the Blitz. Estimated 50.000 killed, equal to Britain's entire civilian losses by bombing in the war so far.


1943: Hitler orders that German armies are to hold fast in Russia, but Manstein ignores him and uses a 'flexible defense' in the Kharkov sector. The Russian gains around Orel continue., but German forces repel massive Soviet attacks at Izyum and the Mius river line.


Adele%20Mara4.jpg Adele Mara


1943: The US Army drafts Sicilian mules into service to carry supplies to soldiers fighting in the mountains of Italy. The mule train commander reports that few of the draftees "seem to like army life."


1943: Two hundred Jews escape from Treblinka extermination camp during a revolt.


Adele%20Mara5.jpg Adele Mara


1944: Churchill makes a statement to the House of Commons and says after seven weeks of non-stop V1 attacks, 5,340 having being launched, that 4,735 have been killed, 14,000 injured and 17,000 houses completely destroyed.


1944: The U.S. VIII Corps moves West from the Avranches area along the Brittany coast, but the main force drives eastward. Turkey ends diplomatic relations with Germany.


1944: The First Polish Army gains a Vistula bridgehead, 40 miles to the south of Warsaw.


1945: Potsdam conference ends after more than two weeks of deliberations. Allied leaders have been discussing what should become of Germany.


Adele%20Mara6.jpg Adele Mara

*Adele Mara, was born Adelaide Delgado on April 28 1923 in Highland Park, Michigan, is most famous for her roles in the films "Angel in Exile" (1948) and "Sands of Iwo Jima" (1949) with John Wayne. Spanish-American Adele Mara was a singer/dancer with Xavier Cugat and His Orchestra in Detroit by the age of 15. Cugat took the beautiful, brown-eyed brunette to New York where she was spotted by a Columbia talent scout and signed in 1942. There she played brisk leading ladies in a series of standard, uneventful "B" films including "Vengeance of the West" (1942) with Tex Ritter and "Alias Boston Blackie" (1942) starring Chester Morris. A couple of years later she was transformed into a sexy platinum blonde pin-up after signing up with Republic Studios. She kept herself quite busy there predominantly cast as senorita-types opposite cowboy stars Roy Rogers in "Bells of Rosarita" (1945) and Gene Autry in "Twilight on the Rio Grande" (1947). She was also fetching fodder in crime dramas including "Blackmail" (1947) and "Web of Danger" (1947) and a pleasant diversion in adventure pictures such as "Wake of the Red Witch" (1948) with John Wayne and "The Avengers" (1950). Seldom was she given the chance to prove her acting talents, however, and her film career waned in the early 1950s. Her last screen appearance would be in "The Big Circus" (1959) with Victor Mature. Adele subsequently moved into TV and was featured in a number of guest spots, primarily in westerns.

Adele%20Mara7.jpg Adele Mara

She eventually settled down to raise a family after her marriage to TV mogul Roy Huggins who produced many hit shows including "77 Sunset Strip" (1958) and "Maverick" (1957). She would appear as a guest in a number of them. The couple had three sons.

Adele Mara died of natural causes at her home on May 7, 2010 (aged 87) in Pacific Palisades, California.

NorthAmericanAviationAd-August1945.jpg North American Aviation Ad - August 1945

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