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This Day in WWII 06-09-1940 - 1945


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cv060941.jpg The Windsors

1940: German forces advancing South from the Somme capture Rouen on the Seine. The British 51st Highland Division and part of the French 10th Army withdraw towards St-Valery-en-Caux, hoping to be evacuated to England.

1941: Fire Service Council established in Britain, with 1,400 local brigades being merged in to 32 regional ones.

1941: Italian casualties for May announced as 1,948 killed, 5,204 wounded and 27,292 missing.

1941: British advance 40 miles into southern Syria and the Lebanon capturing Tyre in the process.

1942: Heydrich lies in state in Berlin. Himmler calls him, ‘a noble, honest and decent human being’.

1942: The Japanese high command announces that "The Midway Occupation operations have been temporarily postponed."

june44decarlo.jpg Yvonne DeCarlo

1943: Tito is wounded during a German air attack.

1944: U.S. forces advancing from Utah Beach capture St. Mere-Eglise and cut the crucial road and rail links on the Cherbourg peninsula. Rommel puts all German forces in Normandy onto the defensive.

1944: The RAF fly from French airfields for first time since 1940.

1944: The U.S. Fifth Army is now 50 miles Northwest of Rome.

1944: The Russians launch a heavy assault on the Finnish forces in the Karelian Isthmus to the North of Leningrad, in an attempt to force them out of war.

1945: Japanese Premier Kantaro Suzuki declares that Japan will fight to the last rather than accept unconditional surrender.

1945: The Japanese on the Oroku peninsula are reported as trapped.

1945: Tokyo radio says that 4.93m Japanese have been displaced by the bombing in the last three months.

1101410609_400.jpg Benito Mussolini

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Man, why couldn't the Duke of Windsor abdicate for a babe like Yvonne DeCarlo instead of Wallace Simpson? I mean, if you're gonna give up something like the British throne, it might as well be for some quality skirt instead of an old hag who looks like a lunchroom lady. All that Simpson broad needs is a hairnet and a spatula.

Yes, I know, I'm shallow. And unrepentantly so ... :D

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