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EF 2000 TARGET Warthog profile


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Okay I have modified home fries and another users profile to now work with the Warthog. Startup and throttle behave like the Cougar. Rudder and Toe brake can be used if you have a Thrustmaster TFRP Rudder Pedals, if not, set the config file to 0.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/l2l1jrdwevf76b1/EF2000 TARGET for Warthog v031.zip?dl=0


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Hi @frankilvandalo.  


The integrated TARGET profile is still planned, but it is third on the list right now.


Currently, I have separated IL-2 and Elite from the DCS profile and created CTS for Windows.  It is currently in public beta to make sure that the separation didn't cause issues with legacy code.  This will be re-coded to 3.0.


The next version of CTS for DCS World will have IL-2 and Elite removed.  This will allow room for modules like the Mi-24.  3.0 is also on the horizon to further maximize DirectX use, which should minimize an additional profile's impact on stack space.


Once CTS for Windows hits 3.0 and I have a re-baselined code, I will port it to CTS Classic for TAW, EF2000, et al.  I want to get CTS for Windows to the point where the only real difference between CTS Windows and CTS Classic is that Classic will directly support the rudder controller as an integrated axis.


Unfortunately, I don't have a timeframe for this.  Real life has put me about a year behind schedule; I was hoping to have CTS for Windows public beta released in November of 2020 instead of July 2021, and I'm further behind in working in the 3.0 features in parallel to the 2.xx beta.

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