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10 hours ago, Donster said:

Same here. The Cat had puppies, the dog picked up smoking and the wife is paying attention to me!:ph43r:

Zhe kat did nicht hav puppiez Herr Dumzter.  Zhose are poopiez on zhe fvloor!  Put on dein eyeglazzes und vou kan zee zhem more klearly.

Zhe kanine did nicht schtart zmokink.  Zhat ist ein pile of dead leafves burnink.  Again, put on dein eyeglazzes und vou kan zee.

Fvinally dein vife ist nicht payink attenzion to vou.  Schee ist tvryink to get dein attenzion zo zhat vou kan klean uppen zhe poopiez und put out zhe fvire!

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