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This Day in WWII 06-10-1940 - 1945


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1101400610_400.jpg Franklin Delano Roosevelt

1940: The remaining troops of the Norwegian Army (6th Division) surrender, after Norway surrenders unconditionally.

1940: Italy declares war on Britain and France, effective from the 11th June 1940.

1940: President Roosevelt announces a shift from neutrality to "non-belligerency," while condemning Germany and Italy and promising material aid to both Britain and France.

1941: British advance breaks through Vichy opposition in Syria.

1942: Prague radio announces the extermination of Lidice, a village of about 2,000. All the men were shot and women sent to concentration camps. All buildings are razed to the ground as a reprisal for Heydrich killing.

1942: Another German offensive in the East begins as two German armies of 33 division, five of them Panzer, attack from Kharkov on the Volchansk Front, a massive assault that will roll on until the 26th, scattering the Russian forces ahead of them.

1942: German and Italian troops finally captures Bir Hacheim from the Free French, which had been totally cut off since the 26th May 1942.

1943: A co-ordinated air offensive is begun, with the US 8th Air Force, flying precision bombing missions by day and RAF Bomber Command, flying area saturation missions by night, against major German cities.

1944: German counterattacks against Allied invasion forces are unsuccessful for lack of armoured reserves in the area. Troops of the 2nd SS Panzer Division 'Das Reich' massacre the inhabitants of Oradour-sur-Glane in France. While the men are shot immediately, the women and children are locked in a church the alter of which is set on fire; those who try to escape the flames are shot.

1945: The Australian 9th Division makes two landings in Brunei Bay, Borneo.

cv061040.jpg Emperor Hirohito

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