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Star Trek: Discovery

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Well, I hope it improves.

It's a bit dark and angst-ridden right now, where ST should be upbeat and optimistic about the future of humanity as TOS and TNG were.
There's also that SJW nonsense that's supposed to feature a lot in this series. :(

..and they've reimagined the Klingons again, and in a totally crap way.

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Saw a bit of it, not sure what to think. Not sure why I was able to see it, I am not subscribed unless cbs did it to get people to subscribe. Now watching the Orville. It is a train wreck , but can't stop watching. I am not sure if the Orville wants to be serious or stupid.. it is both so confusing. 


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you know MikeW as stupid as the Orville can get, it does have it's moments. I find myself laughing and getting seriously involved in a serious plot twist! but rate it a solid 3.4 out of 5 stars! I guess I miss picard and kirk..

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