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This Day in WWII 8 October 1939 - 1945


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AeroncaAd-Oct1943.jpgAeronca Ad - October 1943


1939: RAF reconnaissance planes shoots down a German flying boat over the North Sea.


1939: The American cargo ship "City of Flint" and its crew are captured by a German warship, despite the fact that the United States and Germany are not at war. The American sailors are eventually freed when the Germans are forced to dock in Norway.


1939: An SS unit executes 20 Poles in the Jewish cemetery in Swiecie.


Virna%20Lisi1.jpg *Virna Lisi


1940: The RAF attacks Berlin. Churchill makes statement to Commons claiming that bombing casualties are falling.


1940: Churchill makes statement to Commons and claims that the Germans have the capability to 'throw 500,000 men onto salt water or into it'.


Virna%20Lisi2.jpg Virna Lisi


1940: Another heavily escorted supply convoy sets sail for Malta from Alexandria. However, bad weather stops the Italian fleet from putting to sea and the convoy arrives safely. Only the escorts return trip to Alexandria, they are attacked by a force of Italian Destroyers and Torpedo boats. No casualties are suffered by the Royal Navy, but the Italians lose 2 destroyers and 2 Torpedo boats sunk and 1 Destroyer damaged.


1940: Churchill makes statement to Commons that the Burma Road is to be reopened.


Bristol-MyersAd-Oct1944.jpg Bristol-Myers Ad - October 1944


1941: In a letter to Stalin, President Roosevelt promises U.S. military aid to the Soviet Union.


1942: The final 'Torch' (invasion of NW Africa) plans are issued.


1942: Strong Japanese rearguard action against the Australians at Templeton Crossing on the Kokoda Trail in New Guinea.


Virna%20Lisi3.jpg Virna Lisi


1944: Units of the U.S. Ninth Army reach the outskirts of Aachen on the German border.


Virna%20Lisi4.jpg Virna Lisi


1945: Rudolph Hess is flown from England to Germany to stand trial.


1945: President Harry S. Truman announced that the secret of the atomic bomb would be shared only with Britain and Canada.


Virna%20Lisi5.jpg Virna Lisi

*Italian goddess Virni Lisi was merely one of a plethora of European movie beauties who proved over the course of their long careers, that they were capable of more than just visual performances. Born on 8 November 1936 as Virna Lisa Pieralisi in Jesi, Province of Ancona, Italy, she began her film career as a teenager in 1953. Cast more for her looks than talent at the onset, her early pictures included "The Doll That Took the Town" (1956), "Don't Tempt the Devil" (1962) and the Italian-made spectacle "Duel of the Titans" (1961). The pert and sexy star also made a decorative dent in Hollywood comedy as a tempting blue-eyed blonde starring opposite Jack Lemmon in "How to Murder Your Wife" (1965), and appearing with Tony Curtis in "Not with My Wife, You Don't!" (1966). Confined to the same type of glamour roles here, she returned to Europe within a couple of years but hardly fared better in such mediocre movies as "Arabella" (1967). In later decades, however, a career renaissance occurred for Virna. She began to be perceived as more than just a tasty dish, giving a wide variety of mature, award-winning performances. It all culminated in the role of a lifetime with the film "Queen Margot" (1994), in which she played a marvelously malevolent Catherine de Medici and captured both the Cesar and Cannes Film Festival awards, not to mention the Italian version of the "Oscar." She has since reigned supreme as a character lead and support player.

On 18 December 2014, Lisi died of cancer in Rome at age 78.


Measurements: 34C" - 24" - 35"

Height: 5' 5" (1.65 m)

Spouse: Franco Pesci (25 April 1960 - present) 1 child

Was cast in the title role in Barbarella (1968), but she turned it down and returned to Italy.

DefoeShipbuildingCompanyAd-October1944.j Defoe Shipbuilding Company Ad - October 1944

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