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Good Sunday Morning


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Hi fellas, hows it goin? been AWOL last 3 weeks coz i busted my 6month net pack in 1month and 3 days chatting with this really hot chick whose moved to the western coast, about 1000 miles from here. her dad was transferred to the SeaKing wing in Goa, so she bid us all a tearful farewell on the 8th o' April. thing is, we rather liked each other, but just didn't get around to mentioning it till 2 days after she left. i felt like an ass when i realised that i'd wasted the last 3years <sob> She was HOT!! the sort that makes your heart start throbbing in the upper reaches of your aesophagus, and she has this huge set o' tits, which makes it really difficult to look in her eyes when you're facin' her. damn, i feel like kickin' myself!

Anway, the last 3 weeks were rather hectic. for one thing, i started my 12th (and final) year of school on the 1st of april. its already promising to be hell. they've cut school timings for our class by more'n half a day. i now leave at 6 and am back by 2. but i knew something was wrong. sure enough, on the 2nd day we were, ahem, requested to stay back for 7 hours (no kiddin'!) after school for prep time (we call 'em study hours). so now its back to the 6-to-2000 routine. the only saving grace is that we're given a 30min lunch break and are allowed to talk to the girls, outside school premises and after hours (we actually need permisson to do that!!!).

Summer break started on the 22nd of May. Whoohoo! one whole week of no school! what a consolation! On the 31st it was back to the grind. no more hols till the 12th of Feb. atleast we still get a day off for New Years. they tried to take that away last year, but we threatened to boycott classes, so they gave us a day off. assholes! The hols were fun. i got 3 hrs off everyday, and spent it swimmin, flyin (flyin' is banned now, moms orders, coz my twin-prop stalled mid air once, and the power glider started doin some nasty turns when i caught an updraught over the airport, and mom saw it all. once we managed to revive her, she gave me real hell for it), and playing basketball. saw so many chicks that i started getting worried about my sanity (we dont have many at school, so it was a real treat).

trying to hit it off with a couple of them. got 3 in my sights. hopefully i'll get a chick by the year-end. one is in the building next to me, i see her about once a week, she's 14, in the 10th great, and has this really stupid look on her face all the time. but, like i told ivan when he accused me of poor taste, whose gonna be lookin at her face, eh :)

the 2nd is my ex-chem teacher's younger daughter. she's frikkin hot, a year junior, well built (yeah!!), and rather good looking. Only problem-she's rumoured to be a bitch, and wants to be called Lisa Blade, for some unfathomable reason clear only to her. anyway, if she's anything like her mum, i'm gonna like her (we haven't spoken yet.)

The 3rd is a classmate of mine, and has been for 5 years now. surprisingly, we know very little about each other. we're from the same state, thats all. We dont talk to each other beyond the eye-catching and the "Hi, 'tsup". she's tall, got long, sleek hair tied back in a ponytail, huge (i mean HUGE) tits, with a rear to match.

*this is where the crap hits the fan*

I finally decided to try my luck with her (No.3) yesterday. after school, ivan and i were waiting in the school lobby ogling at the girls passing by, when the head (and his 2 flunkies) called him for something or the other. they started screwin' him about something, so i backed off, debating whether to run outside lest they started on me too. i was about to turn away like the good friend i am, when she walks up to me (it was a narrow passage, so she probably didn't have a choice. i was obstructing a whole lot of people where i stood gaping anyway) and sez hi. so i decide to stick around for a bit and see how my first try at wooin someone goes. i reply with a hi, howya doin? we make pc for a while (3 seconds, actually) when i realize that hey, she is lookin hot! so while i struggle to convert thoughts to words, her jingbanggang walk up and surround us, smirking at me (GIGGLING SHOULD BE BANNED!!!!!!!). it was too late to back out now, coz i'd already sed "uhmm, i say, y'know what, like," 20 times. (hey, i was tongue tied and drooling over those C cups, so help me) So i say," Hey, where did you go for the hols?" (it wasn't news to me, as i'd done my homework, but my brain was rapidly losing control of my mouth, so i thought i had to shut up fast). She says "oh, just home, Punjab, why?" "coz, like, you're lookin really........really........" "what?" "uhmm....really.....just......like...." "what???" "y'know, grglll-grlgll-grmph-glaaaaaaaah..." (total motor control-lost!) "sorry, no, you're just, whew.." (this is when i accidently looked down, major mistake, coz my eyes refused to climb back above her chest, and then my hands went crazy, and i started movin 'em around like a drunk traffic cop, when it hits me how big they actually are, and i actually tried cupping my hands around them!!)She looks at my slowly approaching hands, which are now forming two parts of a circle, and with a shocked look on her face, says "fat??" i reluctantly drop my arms, and still starin at them, go "glug-gulp-gno" "Hey, answer me! DO I LOOK FAT???" "no, no, not at all, you look gorglugoseglugglgglug" "look, i can handle it. i know these jeans make me look fat!! admit it!!" My face started turning crimson, and i knew i was screwed. so i resorted to the emergency procedure "No, thats not what i meant! seriously, you're fine, you're looking, like, wow!! Frikkin' Awesome!! crap, is that really the time?? I gotta run. Cia" and scrammed, feeling like a real moron. damn, and the whole damn platoon was laughing so loud, it made my ears go red. why the f@#k cant girls walk alone? how the hell am i supposed to talk to one, with 49 others listening? Anyways, i felt really guilty about it, and thought i'd apologize today, but crap, she didn't come for the exam. looks like tomorrow's gonna be d-day. i think i should wear my v-guard to school, just in case.

ok, getting on with it, ivan's chick hasn't spoken to him for 2 weeks now, and he hasn't bothered to find out why. we're warning him, he'd better go and start sucking up to her again, before something really goes wrong. she's got a nasty kick, and wears these sharp-ended sandals to school when she's pissed, so ivan'd better hope his reflexes're good. otherwise he's gonna end up with a broken shin, no doubts there. (I speak with experience, having been at the receiving end of it many times)

So, like, i'm only allowed 5 mins online now, so i'll post this and browse around for a bit. i had my last bit of gaming last week (finished IAF, 688(I) Hunter/Killer, AoE1, expansion, SW:Rogue Squad, AvP arcade and Dune2000). gonna get to play (legally, ofcourse) next summer. till then, gonna have to content myself with Morrison and Boyd's Organic Chemistry and the Handbook of Electrical Engineering (written by my grandad). what a life.

Y'all have a great week, and I hope i've not wasted anyone's time.



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Morning. Day II of 'The Second Invasion of Rommel'. Rommel and Schultz (and the camel) finally passed out about 3:30am. Rolling Thingmie supply at the critical stage, so is the toilet paper supply. Now all the old ladies in the neighborhood are stopping by, bringing casseroles and cakes. All have the hots for Rommel because:

A: He's an older man.

B: His accent.

C: Their desperate.

I've taken out a second mortgage to purchase new carpeting, since Rommel brought that damn camel back, now that I had the carpet cleaned from the last visit, it decided to eat the carpet! Lottie left me, said something about a divorce as he walked out. Rommel gave her a raised cheek salute when she left. <_<

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Gee Donnie, ain't life just grand? I'm thinking the main reason the little old ladies are bringing food is because they are desparate and don't realize that Rommel is too old and that most of the time no one can really understand what he is saying.

Cyclone, I'm glad I didn't go to that kind of school, although it most likely turns out people who are better educated than the public schools in the U.S. As for your women problems, all I can say is, women are like city buses. If you miss out on one, another will come along in about 15 minutes. And after 11 PM, there aren't as many, but they are a whole lot faster!

Morning y'all!!!

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