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This Day in WWII 23 December 1940 – 1945


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ElginWatchAd-Dec1942.jpgElgin Watch Ad - December 1942


1940: Italian torpedo boat Fratelli Cairoli sinks after hitting a mine off the coast of Tripoli.


1940: Anthony Eden becomes Foreign Secretary.


Constance%20Dowling1.jpg *Constance Dowling


1940: Churchill broadcasts to Italy: 'All because of one man'.


1940: Lord Halifax appointed British ambassador to Washington.


1940: Chiang Kai-shek dissolves all Communist associations in China.


Constance%20Dowling2.jpg Constance Dowling


1941: Concerned about the safety of the founding documents of the United States in wartime Washington, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are removed from their display space at the National Archives and are transported in a special sealed container to temporary storage at the U.S. Gold Depository at Ft. Knox, Kentucky. On Oct. 1, 1944, with the danger to the mainland United States passed, the documents are returned to public display in Washington.


1941: Under continuous pressure, Rommel and his Afrika Korps start to evacuate Benghazi.


Constance%20Dowling3.jpg Constance Dowling


1941: The Japanese launch their first bomber attack on Rangoon. They suffer heavy losses to RAF fighters, but press home their attack, inflicting substantial damage to docks at Rangoon.


1941: The Japanese launch another attack against Wake Island, overwhelming the small US garrison. Immediately after its capture, the Japanese rename the Island as Bird Island. Rear-Admiral Frank J. Fletcher's task force, which is still more that 400 miles away so it is diverted to Midway.


1941: American and Filipino troops of the North Luzon Force, begin to fall back towards the River Agno under heavy pressure from the Japanese.


Constance%20Dowling4.jpg Constance Dowling


1942: Having advanced as far as the Myshkova river 30 miles southwest of Stalingrad, the three Panzer divisions of the relief force have exhausted their power and begin to withdraw towards their starting line at Kotelnikovo.


1944: A German E-boat force is routed off the Scheldt Estuary.


Constance%20Dowling5.jpg Constance Dowling


1944: A Russian breakthrough to the South West of Budapest is now 60-mile wide.


1945: General Dwight D. Eisenhower confirms the death sentence of Private Eddie Slovik, the only American shot for desertion since the Civil War.


Constance%20Dowling6.jpg Constance Dowling

*Constance Dowling was born on July 24, 1920 in New York City. Dowling was a model and chorus girl before moving to California in 1943. She was the elder sister of actress Doris Dowling. Prior to her move to Hollywood, Dowling appeared in several Broadway productions, including "Panama Hattie" (with sister Doris), "Hold On To Your Hats", and "The Strings, My Lord, Are False". Dowling began her screen career appearing in "Up in Arms" (1944) for Samuel Goldwyn. She appeared in a few films after that, including the film noir "Black Angel" (1946) but her film career did not advance.


Dowling lived in Italy in 1947 through 1950 and appeared in some unmemorable Italian films. Dowling returned to Hollywood in the 1950s and landed a part in the sci-fi film "Gog", her last film.


Dowling had been involved in a long affair with married director Elia Kazan in New York. He couldn't bring himself to leave his wife and the affair ended when Dowling went to Hollywood under contract to Goldwyn. She was later linked with Italian poet/novelist Cesare Pavese who committed suicide in 1950 after being rejected by Dowling. One of his last poems is entitled "Death Will Come and Look at Me with Your Eyes".


In 1955, Dowling married film producer Ivan Tors, with whom she had three sons: Steven, David, and Peter Tors, as well as a foster child, Alfred Ndwego of Kenya. She retired from acting after this marriage.


On October 28, 1969, Dowling died at the age of 49 of cardiac arrest in Los Angeles, California.



Worked at the New Theatre School to pay for her acting classes and met and became good friends with Shelley Winters. She and Shelley also worked as usherettes at the Belasco Theater and as cocktail waitresses as Schraffts.

Was a Goldwyn Girl in the early stages of her early 40s career in the movies.

Took part in the WWII effort by entertaining at the Hollywood Canteen and in USO shows at hospitals.

ChevroletAd-Dec1944.jpg Chevrolet Ad - December 1944

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