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Monday - Happy New Year!

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Morning all and Happy New Year! -23F under clear skies and -42F wind chill. Sunny and very cold. Wind chills between -30F and -40F to start the day. Winds out of the NW at 10-20 MPH. High of -1F.


It's frickin' freezin' Mr. Bigglesworth!!!



At least the new furnace is working! :ph43r:

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Morning y'all, today marks the start of a new year, but to me it feels like any other winter day.  Clear skies and 8F, yep, the deep cold is colder than expected.  Expecting a sunny day with a high of 27F and NNW winds of 10-15 mph.  Well, at least it will be warmer than Donnie's -1F high.

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Things here are a balmy -25C/-13F with a windchill making it -31C/-24F.


The meteorological prognosticators are telling us conditions tomorrow will climb to a near tropical -11C/12F.


I may have to break out the Bermuda shorts!


But seriously, it's not as cold as yesterday, but it's still deadly cold out there.

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