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This Month in the Korean War: January 1951-1953


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Harley-Davidson-Ad-1952.jpgHarley Davidson Ad 1952

January 4, 1951: Communist forces capture Seoul. Eighth Army pulls back to line forty miles south of Seoul.

January 5, 1951: Port of Inchon is abandoned.

January 7-15 1951: Enemy offensive subsides; UNC situation stabilizes intelligence sources report many enemy units had withdrawn to refit.

jean-peters1.jpgJean Peters

January 15, 1951: Army Chief of Staff General J. Lawton Collins, on a visit to Korea, declares that "we are going to stay and fight."

January 12 - February 15, 1951: The 1st Marine Division participates in routing enemy guerilla forces in the Masan-Pohang-Sondong-Andong areas.

January 25, 1951: Operation WOLFHOUND, a reconnaissance in force along with the follow-on operaton, Operation THUNDERBOLT convince LTG Matthew Ridgway by the end of January to begin a slow, carefully controlled counter-offensive using "meat grinder" tactics.

jean-peters2.jpgJean Peters

January 25, 1953: Operation SMACK.  Assault on Spud Hill by elements of the 31st Infantry Regiment (7th Infantry Division) is viewed by war correspondents at the invitation of the 7th Division's Press Officer.  The attack was repulsed and largely described as a disaster by the correspondents in their reports home.  This led to charges of the operation being a publicity stunt, which Army Chief of Staff, General Joseph Lawton Collins adamantly refuted.

chosin-reservoir-1950-2.jpgChosin Reservoir 1950

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