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Ronin -- PROVE You Are Japanese!


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Sorry Ronin, you're a nice guy and all, but I don't think you're Japanese.

You sound too much like a caricature, a stereotype.

Come on, 'fess up. Who are you, and where are you from?

And if you ARE Japanese -- prove it!


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OH! Joker you so wrong so many way!


you're a nice guy and all

NOT NICE! I yelling at you this! :angry:

Nice :rolleyes:

NO! :angry:


but I don't think you're Japanese

This ok! I thinking you not real a American! <_<

You provide a the fact of this to me! Heh heh heh :lol:

Not need prove it! You know this is Samurai Ronin here to scare you!

You so curious but you know curious is what kill the bat!

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I don't normally reply to you, matter of fact this will be the last.

First, its cat, not bat, what curiosity killed.

Two: you're right, not nice, sometime amusing, most times just plain annoying.

three: Afraid of you? Please, we're talking games here Little Man, not real life. This Jarhead fears no man, real or virtual.

Four: Everybody else here knows where everybody else is from. I'm from the great State of Alabama. Joker is originally from Texas. We're either Americans, Canadian, British, Austalians yadda yadda yadda. You want to run around in cooky mask, and your funny talk, fine. But I think maybe Joker has hit on something here. Come to think of it, maybe you're Okinawan or maybe Korean. That would explain the mask

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I am offer all you this opportunity!

Defeat Ronin in three attacks duel and I take off this mask for you! Mighty burden of secret too heavy this day. Any Corsair you prefer is accept. I use a the A6-M3 which you call HAMP.

Three fight. You win two, you know all of Ronin secret!

But you know this in additional: If loose then remember fate of Baltar, Paddles, Knuckles...you going get funny pictures of all you on here!

Be sure you willing face Ronin!

heh heh heh


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Heh ... okay, Ronin, you want to believe you're a bad guy, go right ahead.

But I still don't think you're Japanese.

You want me to prove I'm an American? Um, look to the left of this page. That's my face in that photo. I've got that All-American look, wouldn't you say? Yep, just call me Jack Armstrong.

Now, if you still don't believe that I'm an American, call the records department of the San Antonio courthouse in Bexar County, Texas, and verify for yourself that a Richard Lee Sullivan was born in that city on Wednesday, 19 April 1961, at approximately 10 p.m. That would be me.

Or, if you really want to get personal, I could PM you my phone number here at the office, and we can have a little chat about life in wherever the heck it is you're from -- but it ain't Japan!


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Ronin no wants to fight you. Not because we are fearful of you, but because you have no honor. It is not honorable to defeat your enemy and then display it before the world. That is not the Samari way. The samari way is the way of honor, to and from your enemy. You do not honor your enemy here when you post pictures of you defeating him, never none of him defeating you.

I am an American too. Who are you, what are you, where are you from? I really don’t care. You’ll leave soon enough. Not because you’re not welcomed here but because you don’t understand what we all do and what we call share here. We call it community. Lonewolves don't understand or function in community.

Now if you don’t mind please stand down wind of me, because your odor puts me in mind of something I wipe from my flight boots when the dogs are around.

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we're talking games here Little Man, not real life

Absolute correct The Skipper. Even about little man size! ;)

Ronin never takes himself a seriously!

You boys my friends around here really. War is over years ago.

Still going to be you pretend enemy though! This is what Ronin exist for!


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