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This Day in WWII 23 January 1941 - 1945


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BellTelephoneAd-Jan1944.jpgBell Telephone Ad - January 1944


1941: The British 4th Armoured Brigade reaches Mechili, but cannot attack as its garrison is stronger than first thought and so has to bring the rest of the 7th Armoured Division up.


Terry%20Moore1.jpg *Terry Moore


1942: General Cavallero, C in C, Italian High Command and Field Marshall Albert Kesselring, German C in C, South, fly to Rommel's advanced HQ. The Italians want Rommel to stop his offensive and withdraw to his start line, but Rommel rejects this demand. The Italians therefore refuse to allow their troops to advance any further east, but undeterred, Rommel presses on with just the Afrika Korps.


1942: Japanese troops make landings at Rabaul on New Britain and at Kavieng on New Ireland. They also make a simultaneous landing on Bougainville Island in the Solomons. In the Dutch East Indies, the Japanese land at Kendari in Celebes. Australia appeals to Britain and the US for immediate reinforcements.


Terry%20Moore2.jpg Terry Moore


1943: The last German airfield in the Stalingrad pocket falls.


1943: The Eighth Army triumphantly enters Tripoli. The Vice-Governor of Libya and prefect of Tripolitania offer a formal surrender.


ChryslerAd-Jan1944.jpg Chrysler Ad - January 1944


1944: A Royal Navy destroyer, Janus is lost as the fighting rages around the Anzio beachhead.


1944: Troops of the Australian 7th Division clear Shaggy Ridge in New Guinea.


Terry%20Moore3.jpg Terry Moore


1945: The 5th Guards Tank Army enters Elbing on Baltic and Koniev reaches the river Oder in Silesia. The Kriegsmarine begins the evacuation by sea of hundreds of thousands of civilian refugees from East Prussia and the Danzig area, the Red Army having cut all land communications with the rest of Germany.


Terry%20Moore4.jpg Terry Moore

*Born January 7, 1929, in Glendale, California, as Helen Luella Koford, Moore grew up in a Mormon family in Los Angeles, California. She worked as a child model before making her film debut in "Maryland" (1940). Moore was billed as Judy Ford, Jan Ford, and January Ford before taking Terry Moore as her name in 1948.


Moore worked in radio in the 1940s, most memorably as Bumps Smith on "The Smiths of Hollywood". Most of her films were B-pictures, but several were box office hits, including "Mighty Joe Young" (1949), "Come Back, Little Sheba" (1952) - for which she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress and "Peyton Place" (1957).


In 1962 she appeared as a rancher's daughter in the NBC Western drama "Empire", opposite Richard Egan and Ryan O'Neal. Moore has worked steadily throughout her career, usually in minor roles in small films. She appeared on the NBC interview program "Here's Hollywood".


Moore lived with Howard Hughes briefly in a small duplex or cabin at his Tule Springs Ranch near Las Vegas, Nevada. After he died, Moore claimed that they married secretly in 1949, and never divorced. She failed to provide any evidence of a marriage, but the Hughes's estate paid her a settlement in 1984.

Moore wrote two books about Hughes:


"Terry Moore - The Beauty and the Billionaire". New York (1984).

"Terry Moore and Jerry Rivers - The Passions of Howard Hughes". General Publishing Group (1996), an abridged audio version of the book narrated by Terry. She claims that Hughes was denied medical treatment by people conspiring to take over his estate.

Terry%20Moore5.jpg Terry Moore

She married an American football player, Glenn Davis, in 1951.


At age 55, Moore posed nude in the August 1984 issue of Playboy magazine, photographed by Ken Marcus. She told Jeff Benziger of Autograph Collector Magazine in a 2003 interview that her nude pictorial was a "revenge thing" against those who think women are washed up at 30. "In Hollywood, they think you're only good from 18 to 25 -- that's a woman's years. A man goes on forever. I'd see the girls with the false breasts, and the nose jobs, and the things put in the cheeks, and everything. And I thought, 'I'm all natural. I thought, I'll show them'. And my photos were unretouched." She refused to pose nude again at age 65, saying that she had proven her point.


Despite appearing naked in Playboy, Moore describes herself as a "devout Mormon".



Measurements: 35 1/2-23-35 (September 1953) (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine).

Height: 5' 2" (1.57 m)


Jerry Rivers (27 December 1992 - 14 July 2001) (his death)

Richard Carey (1979 - ?)

Stuart Warren Cramer III (28 June 1959 - 28 November 1970) (divorced) 2 children

Eugene McGrath (1 January 1956 - 1 April 1959) (divorced)

Glenn Davis (9 February 1951 - 1 April 1952) (divorced)

Mother of actor Grant Cramer, star of the cult classic "Hardbodies" (1984).

Personal Quotes:

"I hate silicone, because now everyone can have what I have."

BellTelephoneAd-Jan1945.jpg Bell Telephone Ad - January 1945

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