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What was and wasn't lost on the crashed forums


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Hi all,

Although the old forum server was thrashed, I do have a backup of all data from that forum from August 14, 2004. So, everything from that date is definitely gone.

The only way to get that info is to setup another Invision Power Board of our own and to install that data. BUT, I really don't see the point in terms of day-to-day board usage.

If there is something that someone absolutely must have for purposes of staying alive, then I will consider creating a board and trying to upload that data, but no promises on success or failure as backup restores are often twitchy things.

I would prefer that we just soldier on, but if there's awesome stuff, then .... hmmm? I would be able to set up a board on my local machine, restore the data, then copy the needed info as required.

I do not want to start my own board again, nor would I be all that thrilled to have someone else start a new, web-accessible board with the old data as that would just fragment this group.

One final suggestion I might make is that I could set up the old data as say Archive # 2 where the stuff could be read but not posted to. That, however, will depend on my time constraints as it will take a bit of doing to set up, but again, I'm reluctant to incure the costs and hardware required to set it up.

Still I would prefer that we just move on....

Feedback welcome!

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