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A word of warning to those who still might have one of these, as I did in my 6 year old Win7 PC which is still my daily driver.

While the hole with the fan and the fan itself may look clean, difficult to see dust can build up in the first quarter inch or so of the heatsinks severely disrupting the cooling.

This is the likely cause of its demise this week, where it also took out the DVI circuitry of my monitor. Luckily the DisplayPort interface was unaffected, so I'm back up and running with a GTX1060.gtx590.png.31ffb383de84e30cafa3ca4f9df917cd.png


So, instruct your cleaning staff to watch out for this...


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Dust can be a real computer killer.  I managed to eliminate much of the dust build up inside my computer.  I have an Antec 900 case, the two fans on the front suck air into the case.  I duct tape a pair of used clothes dryer sheets over the fan openings.  Through experimentation I found that one layer was insufficient to adequately stop the dust, three layers stopped the airflow, two layers seems to be just right.  I also tape a couple of sheets over the side vent opening.  The front dryer sheets get changed monthly or sooner if I see lint or dust on them, the side vent dryer sheets get changed quarterly as there is not fan on the side vent to actively draw air and dust.  About twice a year I will open the case and clean inside, but there is not much dust inside.

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Will I ever learn?

I've sort of noticed the fan on my Linux NUC being a bit louder than it used to be, but until I put Win10 on a similar device which is almost silent I realized I'd better do something about it.

Now, an almost silent Linux NUC again. :)


A bit like boiling a frog in that I hadn't noticed the gradual increase in noise over two years or so...

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