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This Day in WWII 13 April 1940 - 1945

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Studebaker-April1944.jpgStudebaker Ad - April 1944

1940: British Naval forces, this time supported by the Battleship HMS Warspite, again engage the German naval forces located at Narvik in the Jössing Fjord. This, the 2nd Battle of Narvik, results in the sinking of 8 German destroyers and a U-boat whose surviving crews join Gebirgsjäger units that are defending isolated Narvik.


1941: German forces launch an attack against the Greek and British positions near Mt. Olympus. The Italian 11th Army in Albania begins to push the Greek Army back.


SandraDorne1.jpg *Sandra Dorne


1941: German troops capture Belgrade, Yugoslavia.


1941: German advance spearheads capture Sollum. Rommel receives orders from Berlin that he is to consolidate on the Egyptian frontier and concentrate of capturing Tobruk. Only then will he be allowed to push into Egypt. The result of this order is that Rommel decides to rest his exhausted troops and wait until the 15th Panzer Division arrives at the end of May before making a major assault against Tobruk.


1941: Japan and Russia sign a 5 year non-aggression pact, which all but removes any military threat to its northern borders.


SandraDorne2.jpg Sandra Dorne


1942: The US destroyer USN Roper, sinks U-85 south of Norfolk, Virginia. This is the first success of the war by a US warship against a U-boat.


1942: Fighting continues on Cebu Island, as the US-Filipino garrison withdraws in to the hills.


SandraDorne3.jpg Sandra Dorne


1944: Simferopol, Feodosiya and Eupatoria in the Crimea fall to Red Army.


1944: British troops retake Nanshigum Hill.


SandraDorne4.jpg Sandra Dorne


1945: A local truce is declared near Celle so that the British Second Army can take over the notorious Belsen concentration camp. The U.S. Ninth Army clears the Duisberg Pocket. The US Third Army captures Erfurt and Weimar.


1945: Troops of the Russian 2nd and 3rd Ukrainian front capture Vienna.


Delco-Remy-April1944.jpg Delco-Remy Ad - April 1944


1945: The Chinese launch a new offensive in Honan and Hupeh provinces of Central China.


1945: The U.S. Fleet begins the pre-invasion bombardment of Ie Island in the Pacific.


SandraDorne5.jpg Sandra Dorne


*Sandra Dorne (real name Joanna Smith) was born on June 19, 1925 in Keighley, Yorkshire, England. The British platinum blonde with leads in 1950s, later in supporting roles, but always with special 'presence'. The Husky-voiced, "blonde bombshell" was a popular pinup early in her career. Appeared in some 35 films, many teleplays, specialized in mystery, suspense and horror titles.


Who better to play the slatternly Suky Tawdry in Peter Brooks' 1952 film version of "The Beggar's Opera" than British "blonde bombshell" Sandra Dorne? Though never as famous as such sex symbol contemporaries as Diana Dors and Marilyn Monroe, Dorne worked steadily in films well into the late '80s, nearly always cast as trollops, good-time girls, and "other women." In the later stages of her film career, she was seen in such heavy-breathing melodramas as "The Devil Doll" (1964) and "All Coppers Are?" (1972). As she got older the film work dried up she still found work and acted mainly in British Television appearing in such series as "Z Cars", "The Avengers" and "The Third Man". Sandra Dorne was married to actor Patrick Holt. Sandra died on December 25, 1992 (aged 68) in Westminster, London, England.


Studebaker-April1945.jpg Studebaker Ad - April 1945

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