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Being sure that the Skipper, our very own Major Shawn Thrift, is feeling no fear, I have found it in my heart to start the pool for this 1V1 fight against the Menace of Metal, Ronin the Crones Dieses of COMBATSIM.COM

If I understand the rules it is a best of five series. For those rules I am giving odds at this.

Skipper as winner 4 fights to 1.

Ronin has a 1 and 50 shot at winning this fight.

For a best of 3:

Skipper winning 2.

Ronin has a 1 in 80 chance at winning this fight.

For the best of 1:

Skipper wins, because Ronin hasn’t got a shot.

So place your bets. We have three easy ways to play, cash, cash and cash. All proceeds go to the Briceville, TN Metropolitan Arts Foundation. (In other words me.)

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