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This Day in WWII 15 May 1940 - 1945

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Pontiac Ad - May 1943


1940: Official announcement that British weekly butter ration will be reduced from 8oz to 4oz per head.


1940: The German XX.Panzerkorps (Hoth) repels a counter-attack by French armored forces, destroying 125 out of 175 tanks. An attack by 6th Army (von Reichenau) against the Dyle line in Belgium is repulsed.


1940: After the fall of Rotterdam the Dutch Army surrenders (10,000 casualties).


JinxFalkenburg-YANK-April1945.jpg *Jinx Falkenburg - Pinup Girl - Yank, the Army Weekly - April 27, 1945


1940: The German 20th Panzer Korps (Hoth) repels a counter-attack by French armored forces, destroying 125 out of 175 tanks. An attack by 6th Army (von Reichenau) against the Dyle line in Belgium is repulsed.


1940: In Paris, panic breaks out over reports of a German breakthrough at Sedan with thousands of civilians fleeing the city for the west and south of the country, clogging the roads for Allied military traffic which is attacked by Luftwaffe bombers and fighter bombers.


1940: RAF Bomber Command (Peirse) begins a strategic air offensive against targets inside Germany by attacking industrial installations in the Ruhr, but with minimal effect.


JinxFalkenburg1.jpg Jinx Falkenburg


1941: Roosevelt tells Vichy France to 'choose between Germany and US'.


1941: RAF night raids on Hanover, Berlin, Hamburg and Cuxhaven.


1941: Ernie Bevin says that he would not negotiate with 'murderer' Hess. It's reported that the Dame of Sark has been deported to a German concentration camp as a reprisal for civil disobedience.


JinxFalkenburg2.jpg Jinx Falkenburg


1941: Announced that British losses in France and Norway were 13,250 killed and approximately 41,000 taken prisoner out of 437,000 men engaged.


1941: The Luftwaffe begin preparatory attacks against Crete.


Pontiac-May1943-2.jpg Pontiac Ad - May 1943


1941: The first British jet-powered aircraft, the Gloster E.28/39, takes to the air at RAF Cranwell on its maiden flight. This was not the first jet-powered aircraft to fly, however; that honor fell to the German-built Heinkel He 178 in August 1939.


1941: The British Army under Auchinleck, begins an offensive against the Afrika Korps and manage to recapture Halfaya Pass, Sollum and Capuzzo.


JinxFalkenburg3.jpg Jinx Falkenburg


1942: Gasoline rationing goes into effect in the Eastern United States.


1942: The Royal Navy Cruiser HMS Trinidad was attacked by more than twenty Ju-88 bombers as she was returning home after being damaged while escorting Convoy PQ-13 in March 1942. All attacks missed, except for one bomb that struck near the previous damage caused by one of her own torpedoes during a previous engagement, starting a serious fire. Sixty-three men were lost, including twenty survivors from HMS Edinburgh which had been sunk two weeks earlier. The decision was taken to scuttle her and she was torpedoed by HMS Matchless and sank in the Arctic Ocean, north of North Cape.


1942: British forces retreating from Burma reach the Indian frontier. General Stilwell crosses the border in to Assam in India.


JinxFalkenburg4.jpg Jinx Falkenburg


1943: Stalin announces the dissolution of the Komintern, the Communist International working for world revolution.


1944: Beginning of deportation of Jews from Hungary to Auschwitz.


1944: The Germans begin a withdrawal from the Gustav Line to new positions, called the Adolf Hitler or Dora Line, some 30 miles to the South of Rome.


1944: A Japanese attack on Hunter's Hill, North of Kohima is repulsed.


JinxFalkenburg5.jpg Jinx Falkenburg


1945: The Axis Croation forces that surrendered to British troops in Austria are handed over to Tito's partisans who without delay proceed to massacre them, killing a total of 110,000, including women and children.


1945: The U.S. Tenth Army is now within 2,000 yds of Naha docks.


JinxFalkenburg6.jpg Jinx Falkenburg


*Eugenia Lincoln Falkenburg was born on January 21, 1919 in Barcelona, she was raised in Chile. Her family moved to the United States where she became a top model. Her brother Bob Falkenburg was the 1948 Wimbledon singles champion. She was nicknamed Jinx by her mother. As a teenager, she became a top fashion model who appeared on numerous magazine covers, and was the first Miss Rheingold (model for Rheingold Beer), but was chosen by the brewery rather than being voted by the public, as in later years.


The young beauty got her start in Spanish films before her stateside career took off in the late '30s. Thanks in no small part to a memorable cover shot on a 1937 issue of American Magazine, Falkenburg's career truly took hold with the release of the 1941 musical comedy "Two Latins From Manhattan". An easygoing bit of entertainment that helped to ease the public's wartime woes, the film later spawned an equally popular sequel, "Two Senoritas From Chicago" (1943). In the time between her most popular films, Falkenburg also appeared in such efforts as "Sing for Your Supper" (1941) and "Lucky Legs" (1942). Making the acquaintance of Tex McCray when he interviewed her for her role in the Broadway musical "Hold on to Your Hats", the duo married in 1945 and teamed for the breakthrough hit "Meet Tex and Jinx" the following year. An innovative program, it sometimes broadcast from New York's Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in order to speak with celebrities as they stopped at the front desk to pick up their room keys. Moving to the small screen with NBC's "At Home" (and later the "Swift Home Service Club"), the pair interviewed celebrities from the comforts of their own home.


JinxFalkenburg7.jpg Jinx Falkenburg


Falkenburg appeared in over 25 movies and numerous television programs. During the war, she spent considerable time entertaining Allied troops, and was a popular pin-up model. In 1945 received the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal for her work. She, along with her husband Tex McCrary, was one of the early innovators in the talk show genre in the 1940s.


In addition to having a successful broadcasting career, Miss Falkenburg was long active in raising money for the Republican Party and helped her husband when he worked to persuade Dwight D. Eisenhower to run for the presidency in 1952.


She died of natural causes on August 27, 2003 at North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, a Long Island hospital of which she and her husband were among the founders, said her son Kevin McCrary. She and Mr. McCrary had lived apart for many years but remained friends. He died on July 29, 2003, just 29 days before Jinx passed away.



Jinx Falkenburg was one of the highest-paid cover girls in the United States during the Second World War.

While on a modeling trip to Honolulu she fell through the roof of a hotel and during hospital treatment for her injuries she met Al Jolson, who was convalescing. Jolson offered her the part of a cowgirl in his Broadway show Hold on to Your Hats (1940). His wife Ruby Keeler had been set to co-star, but his affair with Falkenburg further weakened the already crumbling marriage, and Keeler left the show during its tryout tour.

Two sons with Tex McCrary: John Reagan McCrary III and Kevin Jock McCrary.

SergeantsDogMedicinesAd-May1944.jpg Sergeants Dog Medicines Ad - May 1944

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