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Hiya fellas, 'tsup? ivan and i just got back from college, my butt is sore after an 8 hr exam. sheesh! whatever happened to human rights? And just before we left, more good news: along with the usual mon, wed and thursday exams, we're gonna have three more after hours this week, coz the entrance exams're only 9months away! All this would've been bearable had the girls been there, but the ones in our batch are duhs, and the juniors had a 4 hr exam, so they all ran off early. just our luck :(

With reference to my last post (sunday last, same title), things dont seem to have gone as well as I hoped. No.3's not spoken to me this whole week <sob!> Something tells me she's trying to avoid me (she turns away the second she sees me, fer christ's sake!!!) and I think i'd better cool off a bit. On the other hand, No.1 couldn't get her eyes off me in the pool (I do happen to have a set of 6 packs, coupled with a long, clean stroke) and I flirted with No.4 (latest on my list, huge tits, and big smile. PERFECT!!! Also in next building. and whats more, her brother is my classmate. AND i'm like hulk hogan next to him. AND he's flunked a year) for a good 2 hours on Thursday. So on the whole, i guess i didn't do that bad.

Cj, my friend, you're absolutely right. I AM nuts, certified, and thats all right by me. but wait till you read about this guy: On thursday, the juniors (including no.4) and I were hangin around at the bus stop after college, and she was sitting with her thigh next to my head (the seating area is like a double step) and the 2 of us with another chick (who everyone thinks is crazy about me, me inclusive :lol: ) were crackin sick jokes, when suddenly this guy (Cj, pay attention to this bit) i know comes. i yell out a greeting (not reproducable here, by any standards :D ) and he walks over. As soon as he catches sight of her he slows down. With a glazed look on his face walks up to us, and with his nose 2 inches from her huge tits, says , "Uhh, ___, you know, hi, and everything, what, uhmm, look, you'refaceisreallysmallcomparedtotherestofyou, what?" BLAM!!! he got a cracker on his ear, and ran home, leaving me to comfort beauty in distress. jeez, what an ass! thats the worst pick up line used on her since my "Hi there, are those real???"

ok, what else. my gaming time is down to 30mins a week, and only AOE2 and Caesar3, so i get really pissed everytime i get my GameSpot newsletter <_<

Tomorrow's dad's b'day, I'll get home early by 1900. might even log on.

Starting my SAT preparation today, gotta write it next summer. dads told me - for students goin to the US, its 100% or nothing. I think I'm at 95 already B)

rather quiet week, by any standards, so i guess this is it. I'll report in again next weekend.



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