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This Day in WWII 7 June 1940 - 1945

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EthylCorpAd-June1944.jpgEthyl Corporation Ad - June 1944


1940: Allied troops fall back on Bresles front, 60 miles north of Paris.


1940: French bomb Berlin.


1940: King Haakon VII and the Norwegian government leave Tromsö for England.


KerryVaughn1.jpg *Kerry Vaughn


1941: The first of five heavy night raids by the RAF begins on Brest as Prinz Eugen shelters there.


1942: General Erich von Manstein hurls his troops in the grand assault on the besieged port of Sevastopol in a two-pronged assault. The Soviets resist fanatically in excellent fortifications. The Germans gain ground but take heavy casualties, and have to bring in reinforcements to take the city. However, the continuous German attacks wear down the defenders ammunition supplies, which must be brought in by sea through a tight German blockade maintained by the Luftwaffe, E-boats, and Italian midget submarines.


7thWarBond-Cheesbrough--June1945.jpg 7th War Bond Drive - Cheesbrough Ad - June 1945


1942: All Jews over six are forced to wear the 'Star of David' in Occupied France.


1942: The Japanese make landings on Attu and Kiska Islands in the Aleutian Islands.


1942: The US carrier Yorktown, having been damaged on the 4th June, is torpedoed and sunk by a Japanese submarine whilst enroute to Pearl Harbor for repairs.


KerryVaughn2.jpg Kerry Vaughn


1944: British troops liberate Bayeux, five miles inland from the Normandy coast. All beachheads are reported as established.


1944: The British 2nd Division is now only 55 miles from Imphal.


1944: Mokmer airfield on Biak is captured by U.S. troops.


Marlyn%20Gladstone-Shirley%20Johnson-Eva Marlyn Gladstone, Shirley Johnson, Evalene Bankston, Lorraine Clark and Kerry Vaughn


1944: The Americans take Civitavecchia on the western coast of Italy.


1945: King Haakon VII returns to Norway, on the fifth anniversary of his leaving the country.


1945: The first allied cargo ship for three years enters Wewak Harbour, in New Guinea.


KerryVaughn3.jpg Kerry Vaughn


*Kerry Vaughn was born on January 27, 1929 in Houston, Texas. Early in 1944 when producer Walter Wanger is looking for "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" for his upcoming "Salome Where She Danced", she is chosen as one of the seven Salome Girls. In January 1945, Kerry Vaughn is among seven starlets selected as the "best bets" for screen stardom in 1945. The others are Karen Randle, Daun Kennedy, Kathleen O'Malley, Barbara Bates, Poni Adams, and Joan Trent. On May 2nd, 1950 she marries 24-year-old singer Tony Fontane. She co-stars with Joan Shawlee in the film "Prehistoric Women" (1950). Kerry would appear in 13 films during her career, but 11 appearances were uncredited. In 1951 Kerry accompanies her husband on tour with with "Showboat" in Australia and Europe. On their return to the US, the Fontanes settle in Canoga Park, California. In January 1952, her daughter, Kerry Char'ae, is born in Los Angeles. On September 3, 1957 her husband is involved in a nearly fatal automobile accident in the San Fernando Valley where he's initially declared dead, but he miraculously recovers. Both she and Tony commit their lives and their careers to Christ and become gospel singers. Later in 1963, the Fontanes produce the autobiographic The Tony Fontane Story, featuring Tony, Kerry, and daughter Char'ae Fontane. Kerry becomes the widow of Fontane, who dies on June 30, 1974 at age 48 in Los Angeles of prostate cancer. Kerry Vaughn Fontane, dies at age 69 in Nashville, Tennessee, of cancer on November 20, 1996. Kerry's daughter, Char "Kaci" Fontane would go on to guest appearances on several popular TV shows during the 1970s, including "Love, American Style", "Barnaby Jones", and "The Love Boat". One of her most memorable performances was as a prostitute in the 1978 ABC television miniseries, "Pearl". She had a small role in the 1989 action film "The Punisher", which starred Dolph Lundgren and Louis Gossett, Jr. She also appeared Broadway in several productions, including "Grease". Char Fontane died at age 55 on April 1, 2007, in Marietta, Georgia from breast cancer.


EthylCorpAd-June1945.jpg Ethyl Corporation Ad - June 1945

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