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The working principle and characteristics of semiconductor laser

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The working principle and characteristics of semiconductor laser
The working principle of a semiconductor laser is an excitation method. The use of semiconductor materials, that is, the use of electrons to transition between energy bands to emit light. The cleavage plane of the semiconductor crystal is used to form two parallel mirror surfaces as mirrors to form a resonant cavity, which amplifies the light oscillation, feedback, and the generated light, and outputs the laser. The advantages of semiconductor lasers are small size, light weight, reliable operation, low power consumption, and high efficiency. Packaging Technology Technology Introduction Semiconductor laser packaging technology is mostly developed and evolved on the basis of discrete device packaging technology, but it has great special characteristics. In general, the die of the discrete device is sealed within the package, and the package functions primarily to protect the die and complete the electrical interconnection. The semiconductor laser package is capable of outputting an electrical signal to protect the die from normal operation and output visible light. With both electrical and optical parameters, it is not possible to simply use a discrete device package for a semiconductor laser.allicdata.

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