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911 - Never Forget

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Never forget those who lost their life 17 years ago. The hero firefighters, EMT's, Police and even civilians who died trying to save those in the Twin Towers. And those who have died and are suffering from illness related to the terror attack.

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I have not forgotten, never will.  I remember being at my office, rushing to see my next patient and I heard a little blurb on the radio about an airplane striking one of the World Trade Center towers.  My initial thought was that NYC was socked in with fog and a small aircraft or helicopter had struck one of the buildings.  It's not like that had never happened before, so I dismissed it as pilot error.  Then came the report of a second aircraft striking the other tower.  At that point it dawned on me that this was some sort of an attack.  It did not take me long to make the decision to immediately close the office for the day, not knowing if this was an isolated attack or if it was going to be widespread.  Then the report of the Pentagon being hit.  I got home and turned on the tv to see this.





And then this.




My first thought was that this was a movie with very well done special effects.  But no, it was no movie, it was real and our lives would be forever changed.


I displayed my flag at half-staff today in honor of those who died in the attack, those who died rushing in trying to rescue others, and those who have died from or still suffer from illnesses as a result of the collapse of the towers.

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