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Hind has poor HUD ?


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I'm new at the game, I mostly played subsims before like SH4 where I was a good modder, I have been playing for a bit now , I love the Hind..

but.. there is no real hud ? just the aiming circle when firing the gun, not altitude, no speed...

Is that normal ? like when it uses the Spiral Atgm there is no aiming circle

I use the fully modded version of eech 


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I just got "HInd" from the GOG site this weekend

ok the graphics are outdated compared to eeah but... the coplito/gunner does his job : the gunfire from the machine gun is as in RL.. same thing some little help with aiming the rockets (if you keep them in the reticle)

can that be implemented here ??


I love the hind !!

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