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Stans goes Hollywood, Pacific Fighters style.


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I made this skin as close to my all time favorite Hollywood Corsair, that being FG-1D, civil registration number N62290, BuNo 92529, owned by John Stokes at the time of filming. This aircraft flew in the number two slot during filming.

The inspiration:


My skin:

Known issues:

1. Have to use the F4U-1A folder because of the rocket launching stubs on the F4U-1D in the sim. This means the canopy is incorrect for the FG-1D.

2. Incorrect antenna mast arrangement, have no idea of how to fix it.

3. Lacking one kill flag, by the time I got to this, adding one flag just wasn't worth the effort. It can be very frustrating creating such a unique skin with GIMP.

4. Antenna wire; civilian owned Corsairs usually do not have the antenna wire as the radios were replaced by UHF units which do not require such a long antenna.


The arrow was pretty hard to make with GIMP as that program lacks features such as "draw straight line".


Yep, those are post-Corsair production one piece stamped steel wheels. Took me a while to make those too!


And there is the civil registration number, fairly close to the actual placement on the real one.


This project consumed four hours of my life. Was it worth it? I dunno, it's not like I would fly this in a mission with the 124. But I might fly it in a free-for-all warm up. Mostly I just always wanted to fly this bird, got a crummy old Monogram 1/48 scale F4U-4B model that I modified as best I could to make it look like an FG-1D and painted to match this Corsair from many years ago. Hmmm... now that there are some really good F4U-1D models on the market, maybe I should build a replacement. I'll put that on my "to do" list. ;)

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