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This Day in WWII 1 December 1939 – 1945

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CamelCigarettesAd-Dec1943.jpgCamel Cigarettes Ad - December 1943


1939: The Soviet Union create a puppet Finnish government in Moscow under the leadership of a Finnish communist, Otto Kuusinen, who immediately accedes to the Soviets territorial demands. A Finnish coastal guns at Russarö engage the Russian cruiser Kirov and its screen of destroyers. The Kirov and one destroyer damaged.


AnnMiller-YANK.jpg Ann Miller - YANK Pin-up Girl Jun. 29, 1945


1940: Army Co-operation Command is formed under the command of Air Marshal Sir Arthur Barrett, RAF.


1940: The Italian submarine Argo torpedoes Royal Canadian Navy destroyer Saguenay, killing 21, but not sinking the ship. Saguenay had been escorting an eastbound convoy 300 miles west of Ireland.


BettyAnneCregan-YANK.jpg Betty Anne Cregan - YANK Pin-up Girl Dec. 7, 1945


1941: US-Japanese talks continue, Roosevelt curtails holiday.


1941: Japan's Tojo rejects U.S. proposals for a Pacific settlement as fantastic and unrealistic.


PullmanAd-Dec1944.jpg Pullman Ad - December 1944


1941: Japan fixes the date of its attack against Pearl Harbor as the 7th December.


1941. Great Britain declares a State of Emergency in Malaya and Hong Kong is put on 'stand by'.


CaroleGallagher-YANK.jpg Carole Gallagher - YANK Pin-up Girl Feb. 11, 1944


1942: Nationwide gasoline rationing went into effect in the United States.


1942: French admiral Jean Darlan declares himself chief of state of all French territories in Africa. Later in the month, he is assassinated by a man who, it is discovered after the war, is a follower of General de Gaulle.


1942: The Australians take Gona in New Guinea.


MildredCowles-YANK.jpg Mildred Cowles - YANK Pin-up Girl (Issue Date Unknown)


1943: The British 10th Corps opens the U.S. Fifth Army's offensive on the Garigliano.


1943: Russian forces isolate the Germans in Crimea and control the northern half of the Dnieper bend.


1943: The Conclusion of the Tehran Conference, with the three Allies in substantial agreement on the division of post-war Germany, the westward movement of the Polish eastern and western frontiers and the summary execution of 50,000 German officers.


EileenCoghlan-YANK.jpg Eileen Coghlan - YANK Pin-up Girl (Issue Date Unknown)


1944: Princess Elizabeth launches HMS Vanguard, the last and biggest battleship ever built in Britain.


1945: 76 German industrialists who helped Hitler are arrested.


EthylCorpAd-Dec1944.jpg Ethyl Corporation Ad - December 1944

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