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mouse go to low-dx corner problem

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Hello folks.

I have a problem with my mouse (usb logitech).


When the simulator start, in the first screen (where you can select quick-combat, simulator, ecc...).

When I press left mouse bottom for the first time (and dosbox capture the mouse cursor), the mouse pointer go to the right-low corner and it can't move (it is stuck).

I had try to change autolock to false in dosbox config, but it don't change.

If I reduce sensitivity from 100 to 10 or 1, it moves slowly, but go to the corner (I notice that if I move the mouse up or left, the pointer go to low/right.


Someone have a idea?


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No, unless you're running Linux with more than one monitor where there can be some problems with SDL and you need to run the command:


before starting Dosbox.

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It's my situation.....

Right-click desktop >> display settings-Set scaling to 125%     and I have the problem.

If I change to "display settings-Set scaling to 100%", the problem is vanished.


Thank you very very much !!!

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