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Morning all. 3F under clear skies with -16F wind chill. Partly sunny. Winds out of the NW at 5-10 MPH. High today of 22F. Official snow fall total for yesterday ended up at 9 inches.


Had to drive down to Iowa City late yesterday afternoon. Lottie had to get her hair done, and she missed last weeks appointment due to the winter storm, so she wasn't about to miss another week (:rolleyes:). A 30 mile drive took an hour and 45 minutes. I-380 runs North and South. With the new snow on top of the snow that had freezing rain on top of that layer, and 45 MPH wind gusts out of the West, well you can imagine how bad it was. Parts of the interstate that were in open areas were in near white out conditions, not to mention the pavement was covered with ice. Slow going or stopped due to so many accidents and cars part way in the ditch, sticking partially on to the roadway. Tow trucks trying to get them out of the way, State Troopers attempting to get cars to move over for safety reasons and to not hit the disable vehicles. The wind was so bad at one stretch of frozen road, that at 35 MPH, my car started to get blown from right to left towards the left lane. That helped explain all the cars in the ditch and median in that half mile stretch. Heading back home in the dark going Northbound wasn't quite as bad, but still not very safe, and for some reason, the morons were out in force, trying to drive 65 MPH, I guess they couldn't see the ice, so they thought the road was clear. One idiot in a Jeep Cherokee passed me, I was going 50 MPH, and as he got up to slower traffic, I saw his brake lights come on, and he started sliding. He went almost sideways, then got it straightened out, then ended up running along the shoulder, missing a semi, then was able to get it back on the road. Lucky moron. 

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1 hour ago, cobraj said:

All that and the place was open to do hair!   Big slushy heavy snow here. Only a few inches but now 3" of slush. Hope we are not in for a deep freeze!

Yeah, she owns the business and is the only employee. Plus she has two kids in college to pay for. She works 8am to 9pm Monday through Friday. Can't accuse her of being lazy. Lottie has her make appointments a year in advance, because the woman is so busy, it's almost impossible to call for an appointment. A cancellation might open up a spot, but she has people on a waiting list all the time to call to fill the appointment.

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