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This Day in WWII 07-01-1940 - 1945


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1940: In the first 6 months of the year, German U-boats have sunk 900,000 tons of Allied shipping.

1940: German troops occupy Jersey and complete the capture of the Channel Islands, the only British territory ever captured by Germany during World War 2. British milk price maximum is raised to 4d a pint.

1940: The French government of Marshal Petain moves from Bordeaux to Vichy. Germany asks the USA and other neutrals to withdraw diplomatic missions from Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and Norway.

1940: Marshal Balbo's replacement, Marshal Graziani, is appointed as C-in-C of the Italian forces in Libya.

1941: Coal deliveries to all establishments in Britain limited to one ton per month.

1941: Icelandic-American exchange of letter respecting defense of Iceland.

1941: RAF starts daylight air offensive over Northern France, English Channel and Occupied Europe.

1941: Armoured forces of Panzer Group 4 of Army Group North cross the Dvina and capture Riga. Units of Panzer Group 2 of Army Group Centre reaches the Berezina near Borisov.

1941: Auchinleck becomes C-in-C of the Middle East.

1941: Wavell becomes C-in-C, India. The Axis recognises the Japanese backed government of China.

1942: General Montgomery informs General Paget, C-in-C of British Home Forces that operation 'Rutter' would be mounted on the 4th July.

1942: U-456 spots PQ-17 and flashes an alarm, but is driven under almost immediately by the destroyer HMS Leamington. However U-408, U-255 and U-703 locate and shadow the convoy in order to provide reports on the convoy while reinforcements are sent to the area.

1942: German troops capture Sevestpol, Crimea, in the Soviet Union.

1942: Rommel captures 2,000 prisoners from the El Alamein ‘box’ but loses 18 of his 55 remaining tanks.

1943: Hitler addresses the generals taking part in the imminent operation 'Citadel' at Kursk.

1944: Beginning of the Bretton Woods Conference convened to deal with postwar financial and economic problems. The establishment of the International Monetary Fund for Reconstruction and Development is announced.

1944: The invasion of southern France is fixed for the 15th August. Since D-Day, the Allies have landed 920,000 troops, 177,000 vehicles and 600,000 tons of supplies and equipment. In the 24 days of fighting, they have lost 62,000 men killed, wounded and missing.

1944: The Fifth Guards Tank Army of the 3rd Belorussian Front takes Borisov, less that 50 miles North East of Minsk.

1944: The Japanese Imphal-Kohima survivors are encircled at Ukrul.

1945: The U.S. 2nd Armoured Division from Halle enter Berlin in accordance with the four-power agreement over the division of Germany into zones.

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