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This day in WWII 07-02-1940 - 1945


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This Day in WWII 07-02-1940 - 1945

1940: The British liner Arandora Star, carrying 1,500 German and Italian prisoners of war to Canada, is sunk by U-47 off the west coast of Ireland, with many casualties.

1940: Hitler orders preparation of 'Operation Sealion' the plan for the invasion of Britain. Germans issue casualty figures for French campaign: 17,000 killed and 1,900,000 French prisoners claimed. August Bank holiday cancelled in Britain.

1941: The RAF carries out night raids on Bremen and Cologne.

1941: China breaks off diplomatic relations with Germany and Italy.

1941: Troops of the German 11th, Rumanian 3rd and 4th Armies begin an offensive from Moldavia toward Vinnitsa and the Black Sea port of Odessa.

1942: The British hold El Alamein despite heavy attacks, Rommel is now down to 26 tanks.

1942: Allied convoys QP-13 and PQ-17 pass each other while the German battleships Tirpitz and Hipper prepare to attack PQ-17 in the North Atlantic.

1942: JCS approves Pacific strategy-a dual Army-Navy attack.

1943: Greek guerrillas to come under the direct control of the supreme allied command in the Middle East. U.S. Fifteenth Air Force, raids three airfields in southern Italy.

1943: US troops land on New Georgia in the Solomon's.

1944: The end of the battle of the ‘Scottish Corridor’ in Normandy result in the German counter-attacks failing to eliminate it. Field Marshal von Rundstedt, C-in-C West, is replaced by Field Marshal von Kluge.

1944: German troops evacuate Siena.

1944: The Russians cut the railways to the West of Minsk.

1945: The U.S. submarine Trenchant sinks a Hagura Class Japanese cruiser in the Southwest Pacific. The British capture secret documents concerning a planned breakout of Honda’s 33rd Army in Burma.

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