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Vhot vhe did on our Holidayz!

Edwin Rommel

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Vhell- zho zhere we were in Geneva—to attend zhum borink konvenzion about rulez uf vhar… vhen zhomevhon told me zhat vhun uf Howard Hughes originalz vhaz zhittink at zhe local airport.

Vhell ich bundeled Shultz und Helmut into zhe Horch und vhe vhent to have ein look at zhiz aircraft. Turned out to be ein Connie in pre-1955 TWA kolourz. Shultz looked at me, unt ich looked at Shultz, unt frum zhe gleam in hiz eye ich could zhee.. he vhoz thinking zhe zhame az me. Zho vhe scouted around zhe airfield unt eventually found zhe owner.. ein old geezer from zhe Statez zhat lovinkly restored zhe beazt. Zho vhe made zhe proposal …. unt amazinkly he azzepted!!! On zhe kondizion zhat he kould go mit! Vhe gladly akkomodated him… unt to kut ein long story schort, at 04H00 zhe next mornink vhe vhere off!

Zhe ground staff must have vhondered about zhe four old men leavink a vheelchair, two canez unt a bundle uf hearink aidz unt thick glazzez in zhe left lukkage at zhe airport before takink off on ein adventure uf ein lifetime!

Zho here are zhum Schnapz frum zhe first day!


Early morning(TO time at Geneva 04H15), over zhe Alpz , en-route Rostock am Don!

Unfortunately zhe Ruzki'z vhould not allow uz to take pikturez at Rostock- but vhe landed at 10H00 unt refueled unt vhere on our vhay again at 11H30-- en-route Dehli..

Here ist pikture uf uz approachink landink at Dehli- 23H30... Juzt look at zhe perfekt approach-- Ich am flyink! :P


To be kontinued!

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