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This Day in WWII 6 April 1941 - 1945 *1938


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Packard-April1944.jpgPackard Ad - April 1944


1941: Six Beaufort torpedo-bombers attack the German cruiser Gneisenau, anchored in Brest harbour. One, piloted by Fg Off Kenneth Campbell, makes a successful attack before being shot down, inflicting serious damage that took six months to repair. For this, Campbell was awarded a posthumous VC.


1941: German, Italian and Hungarian forces begin the invasion of Yugoslavia and Greece. The Luftwaffe carries out several devastating bombing raids against Belgrade and all but wipes out the Yugoslav air force on the ground.


MarieWindsor1.jpg **Marie Windsor


1941: The Luftwaffe launches an air attack against the Greek port of Piraeus from bases in Bulgaria. During the raid, the British ammunition ship Clan Fraser is hit and explodes in a massive fireball, wrecking the harbor and port facilities.


1941: Elements of the 5th Light Division capture Mechili and threaten to cut of the 9th Australian Division which is withdrawing at speed towards Tobruk along the coast. Haile Selassie's troops occupy the Italian forts at Debra Markos, after their epic march through the Abyssinian hinterland, relying on camels to carry all their supplies. The 11th African Division captures Addis Ababa, the capital of Abyssinia, taking 8,000 Italians prisoner.


MarieWindsor2.jpg Marie Windsor


1942: Axis bombers attack the port of Alexandria in Egypt.


1942: The Japanese make landings on Manus Island in the Bismarck Archipelago.


MarieWindsor3.jpg Marie Windsor


1942: First U.S. troops arrive in Australia.


1943: British and American forces in Tunisia launch an attack against the 5th Panzerarmee.


MarieWindsor4.jpg Marie Windsor


1945: Sarajevo falls into the hands of Yugoslav partisans.


1945: Preceded by a tremendous artillery and air bombardment, the 3rd Belorussian Front with Four armies, 137,000 men, 530 tanks and 2,400 aircraft begin their final assault against Königsberg, which is held by 35,000 Germans troops. The Battle for Vienna begins.


MarieWindsor5.jpg Marie Windsor


1945: The U.S. fleet off Okinawa is hit by the first suicide raid, code named 'Floating Chrysanthemum I'. During this attack, three destroyers are sunk, while 116 Japanese aircraft are destroyed.


*1938: The United States recognizes Nazi Germany's conquest of Austria.


MarieWindsor6.jpg Marie Windsor


**Marie Windsor was born Emily Marie Bertelson on December 11, 1919, in Marysvale, Piute County, Utah. Windsor was an actress known as "The Queen of the Bs" because she appeared in so many film noirs and B-movies like "Cat-Women of the Moon" (1953). However, other actresses, such as Fay Wray, Lucille Ball, and others have garnered the title as well.


Windsor, a former Miss Utah, trained for the stage under Maria Ouspenskaya, and after several years as a telephone operator, a stage and radio actress, and a bit and extra player in films, she began playing feature and lead parts in 1947.


The 5'9" actress's first memorable role was opposite John Garfield in "Force of Evil" playing seductress Edna Tucker. Windsor also had large roles in film noirs including "The Sniper", "The Narrow Margin", "City That Never Sleeps" and Stanley Kubrick's heist movie "The Killing" playing Elisha Cook Jr.'s scheming wife.


Later she moved on to television, appearing on such shows as "Maverick" (in episodes "The Quick and the Dead" with James Garner and "Epitaph for a Gambler"), "The Incredible Hulk", "General Hospital", "Murder, She Wrote", "Rawhide" ("Incident on the Edge of Madness"), and "Salem's Lot".

After her acting career she became a painter and sculptor. She was one of the 500 stars nominated to become one of the 50 greatest American screen legends as part of the American Film Institute's 100 years.


She married twice, first briefly to bandleader Ted Steele, and later to Jack Hupp, a member of the 1936 U.S. Olympic basketball team. Hupp, with whom Windsor had a son, was posthumously inducted into the University of Southern California (USC) Athletic Hall of Fame in 2007. She died of congestive heart failure in Beverly Hills, California, on December 10, 2000, the day before her 81st birthday.



Measurements: 37 1/2-25-39 1/4

Often cast as an adulterous wife, slutty girlfriend, female gang leader or gun moll, she proved so convincing in those roles that she often received Bibles in the mail with passages underlined that covered the "sins" she had committed onscreen, warning her that she would go to hell if she didn't reform. Several of those types of letters dwelt so much on her "immorality" and "evil ways" that, unnerved, she turned them over to the police.



Packard-April1945.jpg Packard Ad - April 1945

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