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Ahhhh, wook, no twopics :(

The Dude

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Thought I'd come in here and post a topic.

In case you were wondering, I created this topic because Schatten wanted an RPG topic, which was fine by me. But I couldn't have an RPG topic and no actual combat sims topic, so I created it.

For the newbs, we normally discuss specific sims in the Ready Room since the traffic on the forums is pretty light. The question has been raised tho, "If you have no specific sim forums, why would traffic ever increase?"

So, with that philosophical conundrum in mind, let's consider this new forum for combat sims something of a laboratory experiment.

In fact! I'll stand here by the door, and if anyone walks in, Schatten will shoot 'em with a tranquilizer dart and then we can ear tag and radio collar the hapless fellow. We'll then re-release him (or her) back onto the web and track his (or her) movements.

Should be most edifying, no?


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