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(Guild Wars) Our characters


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It's kind of reassuring to know that somwhere, amidst all that post-apocalyptic decay, there is at least one good-quality haircare company around...

No kidding! I never realized how important good hair is to looking cool! I knew it mattered from Fonzie off Happy Days but now I see it makes all the difference!

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Well that was late in coming huh?

Well Mordechai is now...wait for it...Level 20. Yay! And there was much rejoicing. Now even though level 20 is the cap for Chapter I. Which is what Guild Wars is, the expansion is due out in February and that will be Chapter II, no idea on the name on that one yet...but even though that is the level cap there is still plenty to do. I'm about halfway through the Missions (meaning the story) and still have to Ascend, get me some more XP for skill points, and save up for the ridiculously expensive 15k Armor (so called because the crafter charges 15,000 gold per piece for it, not to mention all the steel, ectoplasm, obsidian shards, etc that will be required. The current market price for the materials right now is one miiiilllllion gold. I currently have 249) and the like.

The reason I'm so broke is I bought the 1.5K (per piece plus the cost of the steel in it) Platemail. Screenshots to come shortly. :D

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Okay, guess this doesn't fall under the category of "shorty" either but with all the forum oddness the past couple days I wanted to wait until it calmed down some.

So here's Mordechai in his Platemail from Draknar's Forge, sporting a selection from his vast array of weaponry. Seriously he carries more weapons than your average infantry platoon. Why? Just in case! :D


"Pick this..."

Mordechai in the Sage Lands, western Kryta armed with his war pick. Not that he can use it all that well but hey it looks nice.


Warhammer. Literally.

If any of you ever played the Games Workshop wargame/RPG Warhammer you'll definately see the Warhammer influence in the armor. Plus Mordechai is sporting one so it seemed approriate. That little white puff near his helmet is his breath, you can see it in game, the characters actually breathe. The reason it's positioned like that is because he'd just had his head turned to the right (left in the screenshot) which is pretty neat if you ask me.


"You call that a knife? This is a knife..."

This sword causes people to run away screaming. I really don't know why... ;)

And last but not least:


Mr. February

Mordechai posing in his Berzerker idiom for the readers of Fighting Men of Ascalon Illustrated's calender.


I do not know... :unsure:

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I went and got that icky blue that comes stock on the Platemail (for whatever reason) brushed off and think it looks much better in gold trim than blue.


And yes the snow looks pink, the sun's setting in that screenshot obviously to my left, look at the glare on that sword! B)

That's another nice thing about this game, the lighting is completely dynamic and very well done, I mean if the light is right I can see the blurred reflections of other people in the steel of the armor and everything. :D

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