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MicroProse Falcon 4 - Looking for the offical patches

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Good morning Fellow Falcon / Viper pilots,

After ~15 years of flying General Aviation (on FPI,IVAO,VATSIM) and Special Ops flying (on IVAO) I have decided to go for more realism and have now returned to the famous Falcon's nest once more.
Also an overdose (can one ever get one?) of F16's during the last "Frisian Flag 2019" exercise at EHLW-ab give me just that extra final kick under the butt to get (back ) into the F16 cockpit.

I own a legal copy - boxed version - of the original MicroProse Falcon 4.0 Cdrom + quick refrence guide + map + Cadet guide + manual

I've already done the full install of Falcon 4.0 on my hard drive
I am now looking for the original MicroProse Falcon 4.0 patches to download \ install.

I have only found 2 of the original MicroProse patches:
- name: f4107us.exe - filesize: 10.177.605 bytes
- name: f4108us.exe - filesize: 18.036.804 bytes

I already noticed on this site a link to the Hasbro falcon patches, but that site requires a user_Id and password (I do not have)
- ftp://ftp.infogrames.net/HasbroPatches/falcon4/

I also noticed over here the existense of a patch called falcon4_108i2.zip but one runs into a broken link :-{
- ftp://ftp.combatsim.com/f4/patches/falcon4_108i2.zip


1 - Have there been more official MicroProse Falcon 4.0 patches out there? ... as in 1.01,1.02,1.03,1.04,1.05,1.06?

2 - Is there a patch-listing on the Internet so I can verify/check what patches I need to get my MicroProse Falcon 4 fully up to date?

3 - If yes: Where can I find them / download them?

4 - In which order must I install them. Are these patches:
4A - "incremental" - and do I need to install them in sequence as in (1.01,1.02,1.03,1.04,1.05,1.06,1.07,1.08)?
4B - "absolute" ---- and do I only need to install the latest one.. as in (1.08) and i'm ready-for-take-off again?

5 - Does anyone on this forum have these orginal MicroProse Falcon 4 patches and is willing to share them with me?

May I thank you upfront for any hints, tips, ricks and information, which can assist me into "Flying the Viper" once again?.


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This isn't the official 1.08, but it's much, much more.  Anything else is tilting at windmills with today's systems.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question Home Fries. 
Unfortunately your reply did not get me closer to any answer on my initial questions about:
- Where I can find the official MicroProse Falcon 4.0 patches?
- Which patch must I applied - in which order - to get my copy of MicroProse Falcon 4.0 correctly patched to the latest level?

In the mean time I've have done some more internet scraping myself and already found , downloaded and categorized many
MicroProse Falcon 4.0 (Allied Force, Superpak ans some unknown) related patches as you can see in the attached image to this posting.


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The reason I didn't directly answer the question is because for most people the question itself is considered Overcome by Events (OBE) with BMS.  BMS only requires a base install to verify ownership of the original Falcon 4.0, and is self contained.


I know there is a 1.08 standalone patch (i.e. you don't need to install previous versions in sequence), and given its size I think that's the version you have on your drive (f4108us.exe).  Also, your Allied Force patches are for a separate retail version and family tree of Falcon which was outstanding for its time, but is also obsolete with BMS.


My recommendation if you're set on F4 1.08 is to install that patch to your base install, then install BMS.  BMS is installed to a separate folder anyway, so you can have both versions on your drive and see what all the fuss is about! :thumbsup:

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Hello Home Fries
Thanks for the feedback on the 1.08 standalone patch, which has now been applied succesfully (see image)

My recommendation if you're set on F4 1.08 is to install that patch to your base install, then install BMS. 

Another reason why I first wanted to try out MicroProse Falcon 4.0 alone, is that my current hardware is a _little _ "dated".
That is the main reason why I have choosen for now to just install and flighttest the updated and patched MicroProse Falcon 4.0.
I've tested the original Falcon 4.0 yesterday and it runs fine, but i'm not sure my hardware is able to run a more demanidng Falcon BMS at this time.

BMS is installed to a separate folder anyway, so you can have both versions on your drive and see what all the fuss is about!

I'm sure i will do that later on in time, when i've found out if my computer has the hardware-power to run Falcon BMS
thanks again for the advise.

- What are the absolute bare minimum PC-hardware specifitions (CPU, RAM, VideoCard-Chipset) Falcon BMS needs to run smoothly?
- Is there a separate (patch) manual for the Falcon 1.08 US patch somewhere?

So far i've (only) found this article index) series on CombatSim website:
- http://www.combatsim.com/htm/dec99/f4-rev1d.htm


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